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The Council supports three groups for staff:

Black & Minority Ethnic Workers Group (membership is open to all Black & Minority Ethnic staff). 

  • Do you need support at work?
  • Are you a new employee of BANES?
  • Would you like one to one chats?
  • Would you like to share in a Group discussion about issues that affect you as a B&ME Employee?
  • Do you have information you would like to share?
  • Would you like regular social meet ups?
  • Can you give and/or provide advice or support?

For further information contact the chair, Nicola Robinson-Quartey by email B&MESG@BATHNES.GOV.UK or telephone 07980 998 933

Disabled Workers Group (membership is open to all Disabled staff).  Contact;

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Workers Group (membership is open to all LGBT staff).  Contact or email

Worker Challenge Groups help to

  • Improve working life
  • Identify common workplace issues for the Council and Sirona to address
  • Provide a forum to share ideas and best practice
  • Provide information about opportunities for personal development

We believe that engaging with and supporting staff will help to progress our work in ensuring equality for all. We encourage staff to participate and provides a budget to support the groups work. 

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