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Bath and North East Somerset Council have set up an  ‘Independent Equality Advisory Group’ – IEAG. 

The Council want to ensure that the way they are operating is fair, whether this be through the way they interact with the community or in delivering services to the community.  IEAG provides an opportunity to assess the impact of the Council's work, particularly in relation to the protected characteristics of the Equality Act and to ensure that equality considerations are taken thoroughly into account when working with our diverse communities in Bath and North East Somerset. 

The objective of the IEAG is to provide an opportunity for an open dialogue between those who work with members of our diverse local community, the Council and also other organisations, such as the Clinical Commissioning Group, Avon Fire and Rescue and Virgin Care and Health.  IEAG attendees include a number of local voluntary and community sector organisations who support our local communities. 

Email if you would like more information about IEAG.   

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