Corporate Equalities Group

The main aim of the Corporate Equalities Group (CEG) is to drive the implementation of the Council’s Corporate Equality Commitment and Equality Objectives.   The group is chaired by Andrew Pate, Strategic Director for Resources and Support Services (and Director with responsibility for Equalities). Membership of the group includes a senior officer 'equalities champion' from each of the Councils Directorates.  Membership also includes the Chairs from each of the three Workers Challenge Groups.

Directorate Level Equalities Groups 

There are six Directorate Level Equality Groups within the Council.  Their role is to promote and mainstream equality work within their own area, and also identify issues of concern for the Corporate Equalities Group.   

Equality Impact Assessment 'Quality Control Group'

The aim of the group is to invite members to advise the Council on our Equality Impact Assessments to ensure they are thorough, that all ’protected characteristics’ are considered and that they stand up to scrutiny.   Members of the group include representatives from the voluntary sector as ‘critical friends’ and also representatives from the Council's Black workers group, Disabled workers group and LGBT workers group. 

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