Children from the St Keyna E Team holding up posters

What are E Teams?

An E-Team is a group of young people supported by adults that works to promote equality within their setting.  In primary schools this might be supporting friendships, promoting positive playtimes or celebrating difference.  In secondary or youth settings it might be about tackling racism, sexism or HBT (homophobic, bi-phobic or transphobic) bullying.

What do E Teams do? 

E Teams decide which are the most important issues to work on in their setting.  For inspiration, have a look at our E Teams resource sharing page or our E-Teams Newsletter Spring 2015.  Or watch this short film that St Keyna primary school made about their E Team: St Keyna E Team Film (it won first prize in our E Team film competition!). 

How do we set up an E Team? 

Are you inspired and ready to get started?! Check out the Guide to setting up an E Team  revised February 2017.

Where can I get some further information about E Teams?

Contact; Tel 01225 477094  

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