Photograph of hands using British Sign Language

How to book an interpreter or translator, or how to provide information in other formats. 

Council staff - please visit our intranet page where you will find all the details of how to access translation and interpreting services through our provider Language Empire. 

We try to avoid using staff or family members to interpret as it is not appropriate for people who are not trained and not accredited to undertake translation or interpretation for public sector service users.  The only exception would be in emergency situations, for example in a health setting where decisions regarding urgent medical treatment need to be made whilst waiting for a qualified interpreter. 


It is good practice to include the following strapline on written documents, if possible in a highlighted box with at least p12 size font: 

"This document about (subject title) can be made available in a range of languages or other formats such as Braille or large print, from (responsible officer/s) email (xxxx) tel (xxxx)".



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