Flooding emergencies

The Environment Agency is the organisation responsible for flood defence and flood warning in England and Wales as well as the issuing of flood warnings to the public, and it reports directly to Central Government.

Bath & North East Somerset Council works closely with the Environment Agency and the Emergency Services to plan for and respond to flooding events that may threaten life, safety and property.

In addition to these important measures, members of the public can take steps to prepare themselves for floods.  A range of practical hints and tips relating to what to do before, during and after a flood are provided by the Environment Agency.


The Council does not supply a sandbag service for properties in threat of flooding from water courses, sheet run off, flooding from blocked road gullies and drains. Where a property may be in danger from flooding the responsibility lies with the property owner or occupier to supply their own sandbags before the threat becomes a reality.

Residents can buy sand and bags separately, so they can be stored indefinitely and only made into sandbags in times of need. Appropriate bags and sand are available from local builder’s merchants.

Contact the Council

For general advice, or to discuss a flooding problem in a specific location in Bath & North East Somerset, please contact Council Connect:

For emergencies, please call:

  • 01225 39 40 41 and choose option 9, or
  • 01225 477 477

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