Reporting Emergencies to the Council

On this page you will find details of how you can report an emergency matter to the Council both when we are open and when we are closed.

For Social Services emergencies, including any concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult (someone who needs care or support) please see the Care & Support & You contact information or the Safeguarding Bathnes site. If you consider anyone to be in immediate danger, please dial 999 and ask for emergency services assistance.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is classed as a sudden, unexpected or impending situation that may cause injury, loss of life or damage to property that requires immediate attention and remedial action. The Council has a statutory obligation to provide access to certain Council services in cases of emergency, regardless of opening times.

Below are some examples of what the Council would consider an emergency and who you should attempt to contact in such a scenario.

Please note: our normal opening times are 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am – 4.30pm Friday.


Who to report the matter to:

Concern over the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult

If you consider anyone to be in immediate danger, please dial 999 and ask for emergency services assistance

For concerns about a child or young person, contact the Children and Families Duty and Assessment Team: 01225 396111 or 01225 477929 

For concerns about a vulnerable adult, contact the Adult Social Care Services (Virgin ASIST team): 01225 39 6000

An Emergency Duty Team is available to assist with the above enquiries when outside of our normal opening times: 01454 61 5165

Fallen trees across the highway

Please call Council Connect: 01225 394041 and choose Option 9

Alternatively, you can call 01225 47 7477 at any time to report an emergency

** = these matters are assessed by the duty officer and if deemed a non-emergency may not be addressed until the next working day.

Broken glass on highway **
Used syringes in public places **
Road Traffic Collisions
Unsafe buildings
Flooding of the highway
Flooding or imminent flooding of private property

While the Council can assist when a property is in imminent danger of flooding (i.e. water is lapping at the door), it is advised that property-owners take steps to protect their property in advance of any potential flooding. Our supply of sandbags is limited and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver them on time to prevent flood damage. Local builder’s merchants often stock sand and sandbags and it is advised that should you anticipate any danger to your property from flooding that you stock these materials on your property at all times.

Please call Council Connect: 01225 394041 and choose Option 9

Alternatively, you can call 01225 477477 at any time to report an emergency

Reporting a non-emergency

To report non-urgent problems, or for assistance relating to Council services, contact Council Connect:

Below are some examples of the kind of scenarios where we would ask that you wait until our normal opening hours to report to us:


Who to report the matter to:

Missed refuse, recycling or garden waste collection Please call Council Connect during our normal opening hours: 01225 394041
Minor road defects
Requests for litter picking
Fly tipping (unless causing an obstruction on the highway)

Please call Council Connect during our normal opening hours: 01225 394041.

If the fly-tipped items are hazardous or are causing an obstruction on the highway, please call us immediately on either 01225 394041 (choose option 9) or 01225 477477

Stray dogs There is no out of hour’s service for stray dogs. If you have an issue with a stray dog, you can:
  • Bring the animal to Bath Cats and Dogs home
  • Release the animal
  • Keep hold of the animal and contact Council Connect during our normal opening hours
Noise complaints

There is no reactive service for noise complaints – we cannot attend a location where there is a noise issue until the next working day (unless there is a planned event, in which case we are normally in communication with the event organisers throughout).

We will, however, record the details of the noise issue and pass this on to our Environmental Services team, who will look into the matter and contact you by the end of the next working day. Please call 01225 477477.

Council Tax enquiry

Please call our Revenues and Benefits service during our normal opening times: 01225 477777. Alternatively, you can email:

Benefits enquiry
Problems in rented accommodation Please contact your landlord directly. Some Registered Social Landlord contact details are available at the bottom of this page

How the out-of-hours service works

The out of hours service will record the details of the emergency and initiate a response if appropriate.

Callers will be asked for certain information, including:

  • Their contact details (while it is not necessary to provide contact details for us to respond, this can be very helpful in cases where the on-call officer may need to call back for further information)
  • The precise location of the problem, including road name and numbers and any identifying landmark that may assist.
  • The exact nature of the problem.
  • What response the caller would like to see.

If the call is not classed as an emergency, the out of hours team will advise the caller to contact the Council during normal working hours.

Other out-of-hours services

  • Out of hours support for Social Care (adults, children and families) - call 01454 615165
  • Curo (Housing) - call 01225 366000 to be put through to the emergency service
  • Knightstone Housing Association - call 02070 936437 for out of hours emergencies
  • Sewerage & water supply  - The Council does not provide any response to issues regarding sewerage and water supply. In these instances, residents are advised to contact their water supplier directly. This will either be:
  • Wessex Water - call 0345 600 4 600, or
  • Bristol Water - call 0345 702 3797

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