Applying for a postal vote

If you can't go to the polling station on the day of an election/referendum you can apply to vote by post. Anyone can apply for a postal vote - you don't need a reason.

You can download a postal vote application form by clicking on the link below, or alternatively you can contact us to request a form. When you fill in your postal vote application form make sure you complete all sections of the form and supply your date of birth and signature. The deadline to return postal vote applications is normally 11 working days before an election/referendum. If you are given a postal vote, you will not be entitled to vote in person at your polling station.

Download an application form to vote by post

Please return your completed application form to:

Electoral Registration Office, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Guildhall, High Street, Bath BA1 5AW

Alternatively, you can scan your completed application form and email it to

We can send postal votes to your home address or to any other address where you will be staying on the day of the election/referendum. Ballot papers can be sent to addresses abroad, but we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient time for you to send these back before the election/referendum, particularly if the address is outside Europe. In this case, it may be better to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf.

What happens next?

When there is an election/referendum, your ballot paper will be sent to you in the post. If your postal vote does not arrive by the fourth working day before the election/referendum please contact us for a replacement. The Returning Officer can only issue replacements up to 5pm on the day of the election/referendum.

Completing and returning your postal vote

When you receive your postal vote please read the instructions carefully. Your postal vote includes your ballot paper and a postal voting statement. You should complete your ballot paper in secret and fill in your postal voting statement with your date of birth and signature. Make sure you return your postal vote as quickly as possible so that it arrives by polling day, otherwise it will not be counted. If you're too late to post your vote back, you can hand it in to the Returning Officer, Guildhall, Bath, BA1 5AW or take it to your local polling station by no later than 10pm on the day of the election/referendum.

If you lose your postal vote or make a mistake

Please contact us immediately if you lose or spoil your ballot paper. You can get a replacement up to 5pm on the day of the election/referendum. If you spoil your ballot paper you must return the ballot paper and the rest of the postal pack that was sent to you. If you are collecting a replacement in person you must show a valid form of identification.

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