‘Bath and North East Somerset will be internationally renowned as a beautifully inventive and entrepreneurial 21st century place with a strong social purpose and a spirit of wellbeing, where everyone is invited to think big – a ‘connected’ area ready to create an extraordinary legacy for future generations’ (2020 vision)


The Corporate Strategy 2016-2020 is the overarching strategic plan which sets out the Council’s direction of travel over the next 4 years. It describes how we will deliver our 2020 vision for Bath and North East Somerset and how we will build on our progress and create efficiencies through innovation, improving the way we work and increasing income.

The Strategy is not intended to capture everything that the Council does. Nor is it a blueprint detailing precisely how we will go about delivering our work and projects. That is the role of more detailed work plans that flow from and into this document. But it does set out the Councils key priorities and programmes over the medium term.

In order to achieve our ambitious vision for the area, four corporate priorities have been identified which will drive the work of the Council going forward:

  • A strong economy and growth
  • A focus on prevention
  • A new relationship with customers and communities
  • An efficient business
Corporate Strategy Priorities

The Corporate Strategy 2016-2020 was adopted by Council at their meeting on 16th February 2016 as the overarching framework for Council business until 2020.

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