In February 2008 Council approved a new Corporate Plan, Medium Term Financial Strategy and Capital strategy which taken together set the overall framework for resource allocation.

In setting the Budget for 2010/11 further work has been undertaken to ensure it reflects the final year of the 3 year grant settlement actual and anticipated spending pressures, and Corporate Plan priorities.

This work is reflected in the suite of 5 Medium Term Service and Resource Plans. These plans provide an important link between the Corporate Plan and annual Service Action Plans. They are strategic documents that identify key changes and enable prioritisation. They are crucial in enabling services to anticipate challenges and plan how to deal with these in advance, thereby enabling consideration of a wider range of options than would be available over a shorter term planning horizon.

The Medium Term Service and Resource Plans are developed to meet corporate and service objectives, identifying how budgets will be balanced over each of the next 3 years, but with regard also being given to longer term.

The first draft of these plans was presented to the Overview and Scrutiny Panels during November 2009, and are available for background information (see links below).  These plans formed the basis of the Budget proposal for 2010/11.



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