Council spending is financed by a mixture of central government grants, an element of retained business rates, fees and charges for certain services and the collection of Council Tax. The Council provides over 800 services - from education through to highways and social care - all for an average cost of £29 each week to each household (based on a Band D property). The budget, agreed by Council on Tuesday 23rd February 2021, sets out planned changes in spending and income.

To help protect frontline services, rebase income budgets impacted by the pandemic, and meet additional pressures in Children’s Services, the Council approved a general Council Tax increase of 1.99% plus a further 3% for the Adult Social Care precept. The 2021/22 Bath & North East Somerset Council Tax bill for a Band D property was set at £1,529.57, a £72.69 increase from 2020/21.

Bath & North East Somerset Council also collects the tax required by the Police, Fire Authority and Parishes, although it has no control over the amount set by these bodies, which makes up the total increase. ThePolice & Crime Commissioner has agreed a 5.88% increase taking their charge to £241.20 for a Band D property, the Fire Authority has agreed a 1.99% increase taking its Band D charge to £76.43 and the average parish charge per Band D property is £44.16 (an increase of 2.22%). The overall average total rise is 4.91%; this brings the overall average bill for a Band D property to £1,891.36.

The Council continues to raise more of its own revenue to enable the authority to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on government grants in the years ahead. This includes earning additional money from the Council’s commercial investments, heritage assets and housing company, whilst at the same time growing the economy to generate more Business Rate income to reinvest in the local area.

Council Tax charges for 2021-2022 are available to view in the Council Tax section.

Download Your Guide to local Council spending and Council Tax 2021-2022 PDF (1.26MB) 

Additional information is also produced by some Town & Parish Councils. This applies if we’re collecting £140,000 or more in total on their behalf as part of your Council Tax. If you live in one of these areas the name of the Town/Parish and relevant amount collected is shown on your bill.

Town and Parish Council Tax leaflets 2021-22 


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