• Provide a safe and healthy place of work for your staff, customers, visitors and contractors.
  • Provide and maintain safe equipment and machinery that is suitable for its purpose.
  • Plan work activities so that they are safe and without risks to health, and provide any necessary protective equipment.
  • Provide staff and others with all necessary information, instruction, supervision and training.
  • Assess risks to staff and others from the workplace and work activities and check that all necessary safeguards are in place.
  • Check that contractors use safe systems of work when they are on your premises and give them any information they might need to work safely, for example, asbestos panels on fire doors.
  • Record accidents in your accident book and report them via the RIDDOR website

You can download our handbook that provides further detailed information on important safety topics and legislation here

Printed copies can be requested by emailing or telephoning, see contact details.

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