On the 13th December 2014, the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation came into force. This legislation sets out how food should be labelled and how food allergens should be declared, whether the food is pre-packed or loose.

Attached below are links to various documents and guidance that will be able to assist food business operators in complying with this new regulation and we will keep these webpages updated as new guidance and advice is published.

If you are unable to find the answer to a specific question, please email us at public_protection@bathnes.gov.uk, or telephone the Public Protection Team on 01225 396759.

Advice and guidance for food business operators:

Allergen Information for loose foods  - advice for small to medium sized food businesses

Technical Guidance: Food Allergen Labelling and Information (EU Regulation 1169/2011) 

Guidance on Labelling

Allergen Guidance

Guidance for consumers: 

Food allergen and intolerance advice for consumers

Top tips for ordering an allergy-safe takeaway:

  1. Be allergy aware – Find out if anyone in the group you’re ordering for has a food allergy.
  2. Speak to the restaurant every time – If ordering by app, don’t rely on the in-app messaging service. Call the restaurant directly and make sure they understand the allergy. Remember to ask, even when ordering the usual, because the recipe, ingredients, chef or kitchen staff may have changed.
  3. Be clear – Give examples of food that could cause a reaction and be clear about the allergy.
  4. Ask the restaurant to label the allergy-safe meal – Make sure the container will be labelled so that it’s clear when the meal arrives and there’s no risk of cross-contamination.
  5. Follow your instincts – If the person you’re ordering from doesn’t understand the allergy or intolerance, ask to speak to the manager. If you still don’t feel confident, consider ordering elsewhere.
  6. Don’t feel embarrassed – There is no need to feel awkward asking about allergy. Food business are legally required to make allergen information available when you order and when the food is delivered.

Allergy Posters for Businesses:

The Food Standards Agency have produced posters for businesses to display, that encourage customers to ask about the allergens in the foods/drinks served. 

Allergen Posters - Encouraging Customers to Ask.

Please be aware that these posters are an extra resource for businesses to use, and they are separate to the legal obligation to display allergen information to customers.

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