Cooling Tower

Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condenser Regulations 1992

These regulations require the notification of wet cooling towers and evaporative condensers to the local authority in whose area the equipment is situated, regardless of whether it is the local authority or Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that is the enforcing authority for the premises concerned.

Local authorities should make available to HSE information from notifications relating to equipment on premises for which HSE has enforcement responsibility. The main purpose of this requirement is to assist inspectors in investigating outbreaks (2 or more confirmed related cases) thought likely to have arisen from wet cooling towers of evaporative condensers.

The register of wet cooling towers and evaporative condensers is available for public inspection:

Public Health - Cooling Tower Register

  • Horstman Defence Systems, Locksbrook Road, Bath, BA1 3EX


 For further information on legionnaires disease see the HPA site 

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