Important changes from April 2014! - Pdf

Keeper Information - from

The new movement documents from SouthWestern for use after April are just being signed off and will be available for circulation from the end of February / March however these are for use for England Only from 1st April

 See Information below with regards to the SouthWestern Address and contact details for future.


Postal address

Animal Reporting & Movement Service
PO Box 6299
MK10 1ZQ

Please note that SouthWestern will only be processing paper movements from 1st April 2014. Before that, farmers are to continue to post the forms to their Local Authority.


Replacement forms

The replacement forms (i.e. new AML1 & AML24) are to be used by farmers (who wish to report on paper) from 1st April. We are currently finalising these forms with Defra / AHVLA. They will be very similar to the existing forms.

These forms will be available from:

- Markets & Abattoirs

- Online

- SouthWestern bureau office

- Local Authority offices (in the interim period, to aid with transition)


Email & Fax

Yes we will accept email (with scanned movement document) and faxes subject to approval by Defra / AHVLA.

Once this is finalised, we will confirm the email address and fax details and this will be circulated to Industry and to Local Authorities.


There is a dedicated website ( which will give you further information on the overall project and changes for farmers / markets etc.


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