In October 2011 the government introduced new legislation which provides a statutory basis for electronic reporting of pigs movements.

The traditional paper AML2 (pig movement document) was fully replaced by its electronic version called eAML2 in April 2012.

Keepers who have access to a computer and internet can report the movements for free on the eAML2 website. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) for further guidance about registering for the service and how to use it.

Keepers without internet access are able to use the service via telephone, fax or by post, simply by contacting the Meat and Livestock Commercial Services (MLCSL) bureau or other third party agents, like the British Pig Association.

At the moment you can direct any enquires related to the eAML2 system to the MLCSL. Call the eAML2 helpline on 0844 335 8400.

Please note that you can still use the paper AML2 documents, but pig movement documents must now be sent to the MLCSL bureau and not to your Local Authority.

The MLCSL address is:

Stoneleigh Park

Further information is available on the eAML2 website.

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