The Bath Film Office operates a permitting system which ensures that you get the right permissions, the right people know you’re filming and that your parking is organised in advance. 

If you’re planning to film in Bath & North East Somerset,  please apply via Film App.

Road Closures 

Bath & North East Somerset has a positive attitude towards road closures for filming,  providing that the application is approved by the Highways Dept. and Police,  and all necessary local consultation has been carried out 

  • Notice for Applications:   Minimum of 6 weeks
  • Costs:   £550 per application plus advertising costs

Please contact the Film Office as soon as possible if you’re likely to need a road closure. 


We can put you in touch with the right person for your particular enquiry as we are in regular contact with other council departments.   In particular:  Highways, Lighting, Parking, Open Spaces, Heritage Services, Property Services,  Sport, Health and Fitness and Events. We can track down anyone else you may need! 

We will also supply you with local contact details for:

  • Police & Emergency Services
  • Hospitals
  • Residents’ and Trade Associations
  • Parish Councils

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