The different types of parking in Bath range from unrestricted parking, limited waiting parking, residents’ parking and pay and display parking.   Please note that Bath does not have metered parking. 

Smaller productions and documentary crews (with four vehicles or less) you can apply via Film App.

Parking permits cost £15 per day (£7.50 per half-day) and can be used in some municipal car parks,  Pay and Display and residents’ parking (all zones).   They require at least 48 hours’ notice.

Please note that in certain situations, yellow line dispensation can also be granted for limited periods to allow for unloading and loading of equipment, for instance. 

Parking Suspensions 

Bath Film Office can process requests for the suspension of pay and display bays, residents’ parking,  limited waiting bays, unrestricted parking bays and every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of the application. 

Crews will not be given dispensation to park in disabled bays and on the busiest roads where there are loading restrictions. The application should be submitted in writing, using the Parking Dispensation Form with as much notice as possible.  The minimum notice required is 72 hours with parking suspensions of over 15 spaces requiring a minimum  two weeks’ notice. 


‘No Waiting’ cones can be supplied by B&NES Parking Services and will be placed at the specified location first thing on the date required and removed at the end of filming. Only Parking Services is allowed to carry out the coning and they are charged at £40 for 5 cones.  Coning can only be used for a maximum of 7 days. 

Parking Services stipulates that two letter drops are carried out to affected residents, a fortnight and a week before filming.  Alternative parking should be provided where possible and it is recommended that laminated signs and windscreen flyers are used in the days preceding filming. 

Unrestricted Parking 

Parking Services can also suspend areas that are unrestricted.  However,  where suspensions are critical,  it is advised that the production company also contact the local constabulary and complete a “Form 150”

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