Report a Problem

If you have any specific queries regarding current street works, are aware of any works not listed on this site, or just wish to give comment on this online service please complete contact us via the details given at the side of this page. E-mail


In the case of emergency please phone Council Connect on 01225 394041.

For emergencies in the evening/out of hours please call 01225 47 7477

Details of other Council emergency contact can be found at in our emergency contact pages.


Help Us to Help You

To help us deal with your request as quickly as possible please provide/consider the following:

What's the Issue?

A concise and accurate description i.e. barriers around the excavation have fallen over into the road and are causing an obstruction to traffic.

Which organisation are undertaking the works?

Is it this Council?, is it a contractor, what type of utility is it i.e. Cable,  Electricity, Gas, Water, Telecom.

Where are the Works Located?

Please provide clear location details including (where possible):

  • Street name (if known)
  • Nearby street names (if known)
  • Local land marks i.e outside of the post office, on the junction of, near the roundabout by.

Your Contact Information

We may need to contact you to clarify a location or nature of the problem, please provide clear information (including where practical a telephone number) so that we can act as quickly as possible.


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