Coordination, Designation and Inspection

Coordination of Street Works

Street works, especially excavations, can be very disruptive to the passage of people and vehicles and to commercial activity. Frontages or any one else suffering disruption or delays have no right of compensation. However it is important to minimise such adverse consequences.

Regular meetings with the utility companies and departments within this Council are convened to co-ordinate works so as to ensure disruption is minimised and reasonable alternative routes are available for traffic.

Designation of Streets

The Authority may designate streets as "protected", subject to specified criteria. In summary, the street should carry strategic traffic, be seriously disrupted if works were to take place, or include structures whose integrity might be affected.

Such streets can be designated as "protected", having "special engineering difficulties" or "traffic sensitive". There is a procedure that must be followed to secure the designation, including formal advice to the utilities that have apparatus in the street.

Inspection of Road Openings

The New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 places a duty on the Authority to inspect specified percentages of openings at various stages in the excavation and restatement process.

Whilst the utility company undertaking the works is responsible for the safety of road users at the site, the Authority has an overall duty of care.

The Inspection Process

  • The designated Inspector is issued with a list of those works to be inspected.
  • He/she ensures the works and their reinstatement are to the required standards.
  • His/her report is entered onto the register.
  • In the event of unsatisfactory workmanship or materials the utility company is instructed to remedy the problem.

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