Questions and answers on the Kelston Road landslip.


What diversions are in place?

Signage has been put in place to alert drivers. People coming into Bath should go via the A431 to Willsbridge, A4175 towards the Hicks Gate roundabout, A4 Keynsham bypass, towards the Globe roundabout, A36 Lower Bristol Road, across Windsor Bridge Road, rejoin A431 at Newbridge Hill.


Why could the works not start earlier?

It was necessary to get the right geological information in order to draw up a sustainable long-term plan. Also, the land has only stopped moving in May which was a pre-requisite before work could begin to start stabilisation and repairs. Engineering consultants have told the Council that solutions to similar problems typically take 30 months from landslip to repair completion. Our proposals reduce this to less than 12 months.


Why has the Council not kept people informed?

The Council has tried to make available as widely possible developments as they have occurred. The Council has issued weekly updates where possible since March on this web site and via other channels such as Twitter. Its officers and councillors have attended public meetings where asked. It has provided updates to stakeholders such as councillors. It will continue to do and the expansion of information on this web site is part of that drive to keep people informed.


Why did the council not use the Army to build a temporary road at Kelston?

The aim has always been to find a permanent solution. Even if the Army had agreed to build a temporary road, which was not certain, that would have taken up the land needed to carry out the permanent repair works. The cost of building a diversion was estimated at £1.6m – it was uncertain how much cheaper the Army could have delivered it and whatever that cost it would have fallen to the Council. So, ultimately, it would mean the repair works would have taken longer and been vastly more expensive.


Why did the Council not support the private initiative to build a temporary road at Kelston?

Such a road would have required various statutory permissions which would have taken time to achieve. It is also likely that it could not have taken vehicles over a certain tonnage meaning that lorries and buses would have been excluded. As with the suggested Army solution, it would also have taken up the land needed to carry out repair works. The Council believes it would therefore have only been a partial and temporary solution which would have delayed the main repair programme.

Will you provide recompense for businesses which have lost money as result of the Kelston  closures?

While we sympathise with those affected by the road closures these were necessary for public safety and no viable alternative routes were available. Individuals are responsible for their own insurance in such instances.


Can you guarantee the work will be completed on time?

We have worked with scientists, engineers and contractors to set achievable deadlines, provided there are no exceptional weather conditions. Our priority is to restore the road to users as soon as possible and for that road to be as secure as possible so that we can avoid any problems in the future. The advice we have received is that this can be done before Christmas.


How can I keep up to date on the repair programme?

We will keep this website updated and put information out on our various communication channels such as Twitter (@bathnes). We will also keep ward councillors informed so they are able to pass on information to residents. We will provide information to public meetings. People can also email their questions to this page.


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