Christmas 2014

Work due to be completed.

July 2014

The Council starts the permanent works on-site to get the Kelston Road reopened and is planning to work continually on the project until completion.

The Council is still working to the published dates and is on course to reopen the road before Christmas.


June 11th 2014

Bath & North East Somerset Council announces broad details of the repair programme - to be completed by Christmas 2014.


Wednesday 4th June 2014

Emergency works to provide a permanent repair caused by the A431 Kelston Road landslip will begin in July, Bath & North East Somerset Council can confirm today (4 June). This follows months of exhaustive tests and geological sampling which began immediately the road was closed for safety reasons. The Council has already constructed a path for cyclists and pedestrians in a field adjacent to the land slip.

Following detailed analysis of geological samples taken from the scene, the Council has come up with a permanent solution that will stabilise the land and open the road. The land has only just stopped moving which was a pre-requisite before work could begin to start stabilising the land and repairing the road.

We are working closely with our contractor to programme the specialist plant and equipment required with a view to commencing on site as soon as possible.

Works are anticipated to be completed – and the road fully opened again – before Christmas 2014. This work is being fast tracked as the Council understands the impact of the landslip on local residents, businesses and commuters. Our priority has always been to achieve a permanent solution which means we need not suffer such problems in the future.

The Council will also be looking to apply for Government funding to offset the cost as this was a direct result of the heavy rainfall and flooding that caused so many problems across the country.

The Council will be setting out further details of the plans next week to members of the public.


Friday 16th May 2014

All site investigation works have been completed;  our geotechnical experts are working with various specialists to design a permanent solution. 

The Council will be issuing a detailed update on progress, timescales and preferred solution in June 2014.


Friday 2nd May 2014

The temporary stone footpath will be complete and ready for public use by midday on Saturday 3rd May.


Friday 25th April 2014

Works are currently on-going to construct a temporary stone footpath in the upper field to allow pedestrians to bypass the works.


Thursday 17th April 2014

Ground investigation boreholes were completed on Friday 11th April and all the logs taken are now undergoing laboratory testing.

Work on a temporary footpath in the field to the north of the A431 Kelston Road, which bypasses the slipped section of the carriageway, has begun today. Construction of the footpath is expected to take approximately two weeks.


Friday 11th April 2014

Farming operations have commenced in the area around Kelston.  All drivers are reminded that large agricultural vehicles will be present on nearby roads and drivers should follow the signed diversion.

Drilling of boreholes will be complete today and weekly monitoring of ground movement will continue to take place.

Off site analysis of the cores (already taken) is underway and both Council officers and specialist consultants are investigating the options for a temporary road to be built alongside the A431.


Friday 4th April 2014

The arrival of an additional coring rig earlier this week enabled us to accelerate part of the ground investigations and works being undertaken.

By the end of today we expect to complete 2 of the 7 boreholes scheduled for the lower field. This will mean that of the 19 commissioned boreholes, 14 will have been completed.  Buro Happold are compiling available information to allow them to consider possible temporary diversions bypassing the slip site.  We will update you when we can.    

We are also in the process of designing a temporary footway in the field above the slip.    

Works to enable safer access for large school coaches for Oldfield School is being considered at the junction of Penn Hill Road.


Friday 28th March 2014

Progress on site with ground investigations is on-going, with 7 boreholes completed in the road,  4 in the upper field and 1 in the lower field; with a further 6 planned in the lower field.  Scaffold platforms were put in place for the lower field, from Tuesday to allow the drilling rig to operate safely on the sloping ground.  It is intended that a second drilling rig will be on site from Monday 31st to accelerate the ground investigation works.  By Friday, 12 boreholes were completed each to a depth of at least 15 metres. 


Monday 24th March 2014

Following the Village meeting held on Monday there was a concern expressed about keeping the local community up to date on the progress of dealing with the landslip.  It was agreed that the Council would look at the best means of providing regular updates and this web page has been developed for that purpose.  Weekly updates will be posted on Fridays and in between for any other significant events that occur or for information that may become available.


Monday 17th February 2014

The Council closes the A431 following a landslip. Investigations reveal a serious structural problem which means the road cannot be re-opened.


February 2014

After prolonged wet weather cracks appear on the surface of the A431 near Kelston Manor. Council engineers carry out surveys.


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