Keeping Road Users Safe and Seen this winter.

During the autumn and winter months the cold weather starts to affect conditions on our roads.  Here are some tips to help you stay safe;

Cyclists and Pedestrians;

  • Dress for the weather, layer up and stay warm. Visibility can be poor this time of day even on brighter days so dress bright or light to be seen

  • Get your bike ready. Your bike may need a service to ensure your bike is ready for winter weather cycling. Call in to your local bike shop for a bicycle MOT

  • Light up! Good lights are essential and a legal requirement. Cyclists must have a white light in front and a red rear light lit at night supported by a red light reflector on the rear. Each pedal needs two amber reflector lights, one on the leading edge and the other on the trailing edge. Valve LED lights are always a good optional addition – You can never have too many lights on a bicycle

  • Think about your route. In areas where ice lingers in shaded areas it may be easier to dismount and walk to the correct road

  • In severe weather conditions, (snow and ice) leave your bike at home.

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