‘Active’ travel to school – be it walking, cycling, scooting or taking the bus - encourages active, healthy lifestyles for young people. Bath & North East Somerset Council works with schools in the region to achieve Modeshift STARS (Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition), the national awards scheme that recognises excellence in supporting sustainable travel.

There is no cost to a school to take part in Modeshift STARS. Every school can take part regardless of size, type or location. There are three levels of accreditation that schools can achieve:

Bronze: For schools that demonstrate a commitment to promoting sustainable transport by conducting an annual survey, identifying travel issues and solutions and delivering a range of travel initiatives.

Silver: For schools that achieve a reduction in car use on the journey to school, deliver a whole-school approach and deliver above and beyond what is normally expected of a school.

Gold: For schools that have excelled with promoting sustainable travel and achieved a noticeable reduction in car use on the journey to school by fully embracing sustainable travel as the norm throughout the entire school community.

In 2019 Bathampton Primary became the first school in the West of England to achieve Gold STARS Award for its commitment to promoting and enabling sustainable travel.

“Our School Council have actively engaged pupils, staff and parents in several initiatives throughout the year. We have had bikeability training, visits from the policy community officer and bike workshops. We continue to operate an informal safe zone outside of school to ensure limited use of cars in the area.” (Thomas Brewer, Head teacher)

 “Active Travel has become part of the language of the staff, children and parents which is a real sign of the culture shift that has taken place.” (Fiona, Active Travel Champion & parent)

To access our Walking Bus toolkit, please visit https://travelwest.info/schools/setting-up-a-walking-bus

For more information on Modeshift STARS and to register, please visit www.modeshiftstars.org


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