Road Safety Education For Schools


The modern road environment is complex and dangerous for children as they have little or no experience as road users. They need to acquire the skills to help them cope with it. As they grow older they will make various transport choices – as pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and young riders and drivers.

The transport they use and the way they use it will affect the future road environment and the level of danger it contains. Children therefore need to learn both how to cope with danger and how the transport choices they make affect the safety of others.

Bath & North East Somerset Council offers a comprehensive road safety education service to all schools.


Parents bear the primary responsibility for teaching road skills to their children. The road safety service offers information and advice to parents who want to know how to train their children.

The Traffic and Safety Team have joined with the Early Years Team and from March 2010 we are running a pilot in 12 preschools. The aim is to make Road Safety part of the preschool curriculum. We hope to launch this programme Authority wide in September 2010.

Resources and advice are also available to pre-school staff to help them introduce children to the basics of road behaviour.

Primary Schools

Not only is road safety an important life skill, it is also a topic that relates to many areas of the national curriculum – particularly science, geography and personal, social and health education. The road safety team can supply and advise on many resources to fit topic areas and national curriculum learning objectives.

Secondary Schools

When children reach secondary school, they are often travelling independently for the first time. This is the peak age for child road casualties. Road Safety Officers can advise on appropriate activities and resources, including theatre in education performances, to be used with this age group.

Older pupils will often be looking forward to becoming drivers or riders and it is therefore vital that they learn to appreciate the responsibilities that go with this. Road Safety Officers can advise on and provide materials for pre-driver education. The D.S.A (Driving Standards Agency) are currently providing free pre-driver presentations to Secondary Schools.

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