04/02/2019 - CL21/17 Surfacing Improvements

Public footpath CL21/17 near The Ha Ha in Timsbury has been resurfaced in partnership with Timsbury Parish Council. Photos of the completed works can be seen here.


24/01/2019 - BC34/1 Accessiblity Improvements

Public footpath BC34/1 has been regraded and surfaced to provide a fully-accessible pedestrian link between Fielding's Bridge (BC34/3) and Bath Riverpath (BC34/3).  Photos of the completed works can be seen here.


10/01/2019 - Bath Riverpath Temporary Closure

As part of the 2018/19 PROW Capital Improvement Programme, the Authority will be surfacing a section of public footpath BCRIV/1 (Bath Riverpath).    To allow the works to be carried out the section of the footpath which runs from Newbridge Road following the rverpath to Brassmill Lane will be closed for up to four weeks commencing 18th February 2019.  A plan of the affected footpath and alternative route can be seen here.


02/01/2019 - Ramblers' thanks for farmer's path work

The Avon Area Ramblers recently recognised a local farmer’s efforts in maintaining public rights of way over his land, with a group hiking their way to a farm near Bath to present a special certificate. The story was reported in the Bath Echo here.


11/10/2018 - Annual Volunteer Meet Up

Members of the PROW Team met up with volunteer from the Bath Ramblers BRAM Volunteer Team last night to thank then for all their hard work installing gates, clearing vegetation, erecting signposts, building steps and refurbishing bridges over the last 12 months.  If you're interested in volunteering then further details can be found here.


13/06/2018 - Bathampton/Bathford Link Footpath

Following an application made by Bathford Parish Council, a footpath has been recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement running from Tyning Road in Bathampton, over the level crossing, fields and the River Avon to Bradford Road in Bathford.  A copy of the legal order recording the footpath can be viewed here.


31/05/2018 - Batheaston Riverpath

Public footpath BA2/5, which follows the northern bank of the River Avon in Batheaston, has been reopened following works undertaken on behalf of the PROW Team.  It became necessary to temporarily close the popular footpath in March as a result of river erosion undermining the riverbank.  Before and after photos can be seen here.


16/05/2018 - Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The Council are currently consulting on a new Rights of Way Improvement plan which will be in effect until 2026. A copy of the draft ROWIP and details about the consultation can be viewed here.


28/03/2018 - NICE guidance on physical activity and the environment

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have published their guideline on physical activity and the environment.  The guidelines themselves can be found here, the supoprting evidence can be found here and further information for the public can be found here.


23/03/2018 - Stamping Around

Families are being encouraged to get outdoors and explore local parks and open spaces as part of a series of new free trails called Stamp Around.  Stamp Around is being launched in Keynsham Memorial Park on Wednesday 28 March from 2-4pm and further details can be found here.


25/01/2018 - A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment

DEFRA have recently published their long-term policy document entitled ‘A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment’.  The document is intended to set out their comprehensive and long-term approach to protecting and enhancing England’s natural landscapes and habitats for the next generation.  Chapter 3, which addresses the need to connect people with the environment to improve health and wellbeing, has particular relevance for public rights of way.  The document is available in full here.


15/01/2018 - South Keynsham

The Authority has decided to make a public path order to create a new public bridleway near Castle Primary School in Keynsham; the order will be made and advertised shortly.  This is part of a number of ongoing improvements in the area which include a separate legal order to create a public footpath between St Clements Road and Park Road, the diversion of a footpath through Abbott's Wood and the surfacing of a number of public footpaths.


04/01/2018 - Regulatory (Access) Committee

The Authority's Regulatory (Access) Commitee will hold a meeting to determine the application to create a public bridleway near Castle Primary School in Keynsham.  The meeting is open to the public and will take place at 11.30am on Monday 15th January 2018 at the Council Chamber, Guildhall, High Street, Bath.  Members of the public who wish to address the Committee should request to do so no later than two clear working days before the meeting by emailing


28/07/2017 - Bath Walking Festival

The first Bathscape Walking Festival will take place between 16th and 24th September 2017.  Whether you want to walk longer distances enjoying stunning views across the city, explore the nature in your local area or just meet people and get some fresh air, there’s a walk for you.  The walks are free and have a leader, so if you’d like to start walking or would like to discover something new and don’t know where to start, they will be your guide.  To find out more visit the Bathscape Walking Festival website on


03/03/2017 - Keynsham Walking Festival

The second Keynsham Walking Festival will take place on 8-9th April 2017.  The festival is run by  'Keynsham Walkers Are Welcome', who have been very successful in encouraging members of the public to get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside around the town.  The festival will include a range of walks ranging from 1.5 mile beginner's taster walks up to 6 mile walks for the more experienced walkers.  There will also be guided nature walks along the River Avon and a guided history walk taking in Londonderry Wharf and Cleeve Wood. Full details about the festival are available on the festival programme and poster.


13/02/2017 - Sham Castle Field DMMO

Following an investigation and a six-week public consultation, the Authority has rejected an application to record a public footpath through Sham Castle Field in Bathampton near the University of Bath and Bath Golf Club.  The landowner was shown to have taken sufficient steps to stop a new public footpath being created through long use by the public.  A copy of the Decision Report, which includes the applicable law and the reasons for the Council's decision, can be found here. 


08/02/2017 - New Gates

Over the course of the last year, the Public Rights of Way Team have installed 157 gates across the network.  The majority of these new gates have replaced old wooden stiles which were in a poor state of repair.  Installing gates, rather than stiles, helps to improve the accessibility of the network because many walkers, especially those with hip problems, are able to walk relatively long distances but find it difficult to climb over stiles. 


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