29/11/2021 - Saxon Close

 A section of public footpath BA26/9 in Whitchurch has been resurfaced to upgrade the last section of a through route near Saxon Close. Before and after photos can be found here


15/11/2021 - Meadow Park DMMO

The Council is currently consulting on a Defintive Map Modification Order application to record a public footpath at Meadow Park in Bathford. A further details about the consultation can be found here and a copy of the investigation report can be found here.


27/10/2021 - Maes Knoll CL15/5

Surfacing works and gateway improvements have been carried out to a 330m long section of public footpath CL15/5 in Norton Malreward which provides access to the viewpoint and Iron Age fort at Maes Knoll. The path had become increasingly muddy and difficult to safely use due to increased use over the last 18 months and photos of the works can be found here.


07/10/2021 - Bath Racecourse

Following the receipt of a small number of objection, the concurrent creation and extinguishment orders which were made by the Council to create a new and improved network of public footpaths at Bath Racecourse were referred to the Secretary of State for determination. Following a written representations process these orders have been confirmed and the new network of paths created.  A map of the effect of the confirmed orders can be found here


07/08/2021 - Public Footpath CL3/43

The bridge on public footpath CL3/43 near New Farm in Chew Magna has been replaced and stone laid on either approaches to improve accessibility. This is just one of approximately 12 bridges that are replaced each year, along with many others which are repaired and refurbished. A photo can be found here.


28/07/2021 - Limestone Link

The Ramblers have installed information boards at the start, middle and end of the Limestone Link, which is a 36 mile long promoted joining the limestone of the Cotswolds near Cold Ashton to that of the Mendip Hills near Shipham. The information displayed on the boards can be found here.


07/07/2021 - Railway Crossing Safety

Network Rail are currently running a campaign to improve people's awareness of their surroundings and the dangers posed on level crossings; there are three public footpaths which cross railway lines in Bathampton and Bathford. Further information can be found here.


23/04/2021 - Bridgerton and Frankenstein

As part of the Bath Festival, members of the public can join walking tours taking in locations from Netflix's very popular Bridgerton series, which was filmed around the city, and locations relating to Mary Shelley, who wrote the majority of Frankenstein while living in the Bath. The Bridgerton tour can be booked here and the Frankenstein tour can be booked here.


09/04/21 - Westbrook Woodland TVG

Following a non-statutory public inquiry in September, the Council has formally rejected an application to register land known as Westbrook Woodland in Weston and Charlcombe as town/village green. The application was rejected on the grounds that the land had not enjoyed the requisite use set out in the Commons Act 2006. The decision report can be found here.


01/04/2021 - Countryside Code

The Countryside Code, which sets out the responsibilities for visitors to the countryside and those who manage the land, has been revised and republished. Advice for visitors can be found here, the Countryside Code leaflet can be found here and advice for land managers can be found here.


26/03/2021 - Bloomfield, Paulton

A 110m section of public footpath CL16/47 in Paulton has been surfaced with crashed stone. The footpath provides an important pedestrian link for Winterfield Park to the doctor's surgery, Bloomfield Nursing Home and the Memorial Hospital. Before and after photos can be found here.


15/03/2021 - Ramblers' BRAM Team Volunteers

The Ramblers have published an article on the work carried out by the BRAM team on the rights of way network in Bath and North East Somerset. The article is available online here


16/02/2021 - Cotswold Way National Trail

A 190m long section of the Cotswold Way National Trail in North Stoke has been reprofiled and resurfaced to address on going problems with drainage and potholling on these two public brildeways. The Cotswold Conservation Board kindly provided grant funding to cover 75% of the cost of the works.  Before and after photos can be found here.


10/02/2021 - Sydney Buildings 

The steps on public footpath BC54/40 near Sydney Buildings in Bath have been refurbished and resurfaced. The footpath provides an important and well used route for the residents of Bathwick to access the city centre and Bath Spa train station. Before and after photos can be found here.


27/01/2021 - BC62/4 Works

Following on from works completed last year, the steps on the remainder of the upper section of public footpath BC62/4 which runs south from Summer Lane in Combe Down have been refurnished and the surface tarmacced to provide an improved route for local residents to be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside to the south of the city . Before and after photos can be found here.


21/01/2021 - JLAF Meetings

The Council provides secretarial support to the Joint Local Access Forum which advises public bodies on public access in the West of England region. The meetings, which are currently being held on line, have been rescheduled to tehe first Thursday in March, July and November. Further information about the JLAF can be found here.


22/12/2020 - Slow Ways

Slow Ways is a project to create a network of walking routes that connect all of Great Britain’s towns and cities as well as thousands of villages. Slow Ways are looking for volunteers to help walk, test, record and review all of the routes that have been identified to day. If you are interested in getting involved then further information can be found here.


07/12/2020 - Cameley Fishponds

Public footpaths CL1/29 and CL1/30 have been diverted onto a new alignment which avoids the fishponds in Cameley. The diversion resolves a long running obstruction issue which has existed since the fishponds were constructed in the 1990s. A copy of the confirmed diversion order can be found here


30/11/2020 - BRAM Volunteer Team

Over the past year, the BRAM Volunteer team have replaced 11 stiles with gates to improve accessibility, repaired 16 bridges, built 40 steps, installed three handrails, erected eight signposts and carried out 3.5km of vegetation clearance on the public rights of way network. Photos of some of their projects can be found here and information about volunteering can be found here.


14/11/2020 - Abbots Wood Surfacing

A 140 metre long section of Public footpath BA27/15 through Abbots Wood in Keynsham has been surfaced with s106 funding provided by the developer of the adjacent Hygge Park development; reseeding of the adjacent ground will be carried out in the spring. The area is particularly susceptable to waterlogging and photos of the completed works can be found here.


22/10/2010 - JLAF Recruitment

The Joint Local Access Forum is an independent forum, including landowers and users, who provide advice to Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City and South Gloucestershire Councils on access to the countryside. If you are interested in joining the JLAF you can find more information here.


03/09/2020 - Westbrook Woodland TVG Public Inquiry

The non-statutory public inquiry relating to the Westbrook Woodland TVG inquiry which was scheduled to be held in the Guildhall will now be held online. The inquiry will commence at 10am on 3rd September 2020 and is expected to run for up to seven days.  Members of the public can watch a live stream of the public inquiry here.


06/08/2020 - Westbrook Woodland TVG Public Inquiry (UPDATE: VENUE CHANGE)

The postponed non-statutory public inquiry into the application to register land adjacent to Osbourne's Hill in Weston and Charlcombe as town/village green will now commence at 10am on 3rd September 2020 at the Guildhall in Bath.  A copy of the inquiry notice can be found here. (UPDATE: DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, THIS INQUIRY WILL NOW BE HELD ONLINE AND NOT AT THE GUILDHALL


12/06/2020 - Hygge Park accessibility improvements

A 260 metre section of public footpaths BA27/27 and BA27/28 in Keynsham have been tarmacked to provide a firm level surface. The works are intended to improve accessibility and encourage sustainable travel between the new Hygge Park development and the schools and facilities in Keynsham. Photos of the completed works can be found here.


30/04/2020 - Travelling to rights of way for exercise 

The Government and NHS have stressed that it is important for people's physical and mental health that they continue to get regular exercise. Further guidance has been issued to help members of the public better understand what they can and cannot do during this period which can be found here.


24/03/2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government has stated that members of the public should only leave their houses for one of four reasons i) shopping for basic necessities, ii) one form of exercise a day, iii) any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person, and iv) to travel to and from work, but only where they cannot work from home. The Government has not advised that rights of way should be closed but it is important for members of the public who are using the rights of way network for one of these four stated reasons to minimise time spent outside of the home and ensuring they are 2 metres apart from anyone outside of their household. Members of the public are also advised to wear gloves to avoid touching gates and stiles and to wash or sanitise their hands regularly. The Government guidance can be found here.


13/03/2020 - 2020/21 Capital Programme

The schemes to be included in the 2020/21 PROW Capital Improvement Programme have now been confirmed.  The programme will deliver ten schemes during summer 2020 including resurfacing the footpath to the hospital and doctor's surgery in Paulton and a number of schemes which are funded through contributions secured from housing developers.  A summary of all the schemes included can be found here.


17/02/2020 - Danger from flooding

Members of the public are urged to take additional care when using the public footpaths in Saltford and Kelston which run immediately adjacent to the River Avon.  Due to the risk posed by flooding and high river levels, walkers should avoid using submerged paths. Saltford Parish Council's photo of the current situation can be found here.


04/02/2020 - Public Footpath BA27/38 Capital Works

The Authority has installed a new drainage system and surfaced a 230 metre section of public footpath BA27/38 in Saltford.  The footpath, which runs north from Norman Road and runs adjacent to the railway line, is now once again fully accessible, even during inclement weather. Before and after photos can be found here.


23/01/2020 - Westbrook Woodland TVG Public Inquiry

A non-statutory public inquiry will commence on 4th June 2020 to hear evidence regarding whether land adjacent to Osbourne's Hill in Weston and Charlcombe should be registered as town/village green. The inquiry will be held in the Guildhall in Bath and is expected to run for up to seven days.  A copy of the application can be found here.


19/12/2019 - Public Bridleway BA21/12

Following two public inquiries, an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State has confirmed a Definitive Map Modification Order which has the effect of recording a track from from St Catherine Lane to Beeks Lane in South Gloucestershire as a public brildeway.  A copy of the Inspector interim report can be found here and the final report can be found here.


04/11/2019 - Cotswold Way Resurfacing

The Authority has installed drainage and surfaced a 230m long section of public footpath BA14/9 in Kelston.  The path, which was prone to becoming very muddy during the winter months, forms part of the Cotswold Way National Trail and the Cotswold AONB provided 25% grant funding to enable the works to go ahead.  Photos of the work can be found here.


21/10/2019 - BRAM Volunteer Team

Over the last 12 months, the BRAM volunteer team have installed 41 gates and 21 waymarking posts on the rights of way network in addition to carrying out 25 clearances and installing steps to improve accessibility.  If you're interested in finding out more about volunteering then more information can be found here.


14/10/2019 "Be Nice, Say Hi!" 

Cycling UK and The British Horse Society have joined forces to launch a consideration and courtesy awareness message of ‘Be Nice, Say Hi’ to help cyclists and horse riders to pass safely. A downloadable leaflet and two short videos, informs cyclists how to safely pass horse riders both on and off the road can be found here.


30/09/2019 - Public footpath BC53/3

The Authority has surfaced a section of public footpath BC53/3 at Beechen Cliff in Widcombe, Bath. The footpath, which provides an important route for pupils to walk to two local schools, was prone to becoming very muddy in winter months and a photo of the completed works can be seen here.


09/09/2019 - Julian House Circuit of Bath Walk

Julian House are organising their Annual Fundraising Walk on Sunday 22nd September 2019.  The event gives the public the opportunity to explore some of the beautiful countryside surrounding Bath and raising vital funds for the charity's work. Participants can choose their own distance, from 2 or up to 20 miles, and further details can be found here.


27/08/2019 - Widcombe Rights of Way

The Authority has added 16 paths in Widcombe to the Definitive Map and Statement.  The paths were recorded as part of the Bath Definitive Map Project and they are now protected so that they can always be used by the public.  A copy of the confirmed order detailing the paths affected can be found here.


07/08/2019 - Mountain's Lane

The Authority has installed a drainage system and resurfaced approximately 1km of Mountains Lane (BOAT CL9/44) in Farmborough to bring the route back into a fit condition by all users; the surface of the byway had become badly rutted and waterlogged over the previous 12 months. Photos of the completed works can be found here.


30/07/2019- Somer Valley Walking Festival

The Somer Valley Walking Festival will return on 13th, 14th and 15th September 2019 with the intention of encouraging local people and visitors to explore the beauty of the area's coutnryside and discover its rich heritage through a programme of free short, medium and longer walks.  Details about the festival and all the organised walks can be found here.


18/07/2019 - Pensford Improvements

Avon Ramblers' BRAM Team have recently completed a whole raft of improvements on public rights of way in the Pensford area including the installation of a flight of steps and the replacement of stiles with accessible kissing gates; photographs of the steps can be found here and further information about the BRAM Team can be found here.


07/07/2019 - Public Inquiries

The public inquiry to consider proposed modifications to the DMMO relating to Beeks Mill in St Catherine has been scheduled for 15th October 2019 and the public inquiry to determine the DMMO to record two public footpaths at Glenavon Farm in Saltford has been scheduled for 13th February 2020.  Further details about both cases and inquiries can be found here.


21/06/2019 - Bath Racecourse

The Authority has made concurrent creation and extinguishment orders to create a new and improved network of public footpaths which are in the vicinity of Bath Racecourse but which, unlike the existing network, do not cross the racetrack itself.  A copy of the creation order can be seek here and a copy of the extinguishment order can be found here.


23/05/2019 - Westbrook Woodland

An application has been received to record a piece of land adjacent to Osbourne's Hill in Weston and Charlcombe as a town/village green. Further details can be found here.


15/04/2019 - 2019/20 Capital Programme

Work has commenced on the 2019/20 PROW Capital Improvement Programme.  The programme will deliver five schemes during summer 2019 at Mountain's Lane (CL9/44) in Farmborough, Summer Lane (BC62/4) in Combe Down, the Cotswold Way (BA14/8) in Kelston, Beechen Cliff (BC53/3) in Lyncombe and Norman Road (BA27/38) in Saltford. Further details can be found here.


07/04/2019 - Shepherd's Walk Surfacing

A 125 metre long section of Shepherd's Walk (public footpath AQ88) has been surfaced with recycled road planings and a stone dust surface to provide a firm and level surface for users of this popular route. Photos of the completed works can be seen here.


28/03/2019 - Glenavon Farm DMMO

The Authority was directed by the Secretary of State to make a Definitive Map Modification Order to record two public footpaths at Glenavon Farm between Saltford and Keynsham.  An objection was made by the landowner and the matter has therefore been referred back to the Secretary of State who is likely to hold a public inquiry later in the year.  The associated deposited documents can be found here 


18/03/2019 - Bath Riverpath Surfacing

A 900 metres long section the Bath Riverpath (public footpath BCRIV/1) from Bath Marina to Brassmill Lane has been reopened following the completion of surfacing works to improve the path for users.  Photos of the completed works can be seen here.


04/02/2019 - CL21/17 Surfacing Improvements

Public footpath CL21/17 near The Ha Ha in Timsbury has been resurfaced in partnership with Timsbury Parish Council. Photos of the completed works can be seen here.


24/01/2019 - BC34/1 Accessiblity Improvements

Public footpath BC34/1 has been regraded and surfaced to provide a fully-accessible pedestrian link between Fielding's Bridge (BC34/3) and Bath Riverpath (BC34/3).  Photos of the completed works can be seen here.


10/01/2019 - Bath Riverpath Temporary Closure

As part of the 2018/19 PROW Capital Improvement Programme, the Authority will be surfacing a section of public footpath BCRIV/1 (Bath Riverpath).    To allow the works to be carried out the section of the footpath which runs from Newbridge Road following the rverpath to Brassmill Lane will be closed for up to four weeks commencing 18th February 2019.  A plan of the affected footpath and alternative route can be seen here.


02/01/2019 - Ramblers' thanks for farmer's path work

The Avon Area Ramblers recently recognised a local farmer’s efforts in maintaining public rights of way over his land, with a group hiking their way to a farm near Bath to present a special certificate. The story was reported in the Bath Echo here.


11/10/2018 - Annual Volunteer Meet Up

Members of the PROW Team met up with volunteer from the Bath Ramblers BRAM Volunteer Team last night to thank then for all their hard work installing gates, clearing vegetation, erecting signposts, building steps and refurbishing bridges over the last 12 months.  If you're interested in volunteering then further details can be found here.


13/06/2018 - Bathampton/Bathford Link Footpath

Following an application made by Bathford Parish Council, a footpath has been recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement running from Tyning Road in Bathampton, over the level crossing, fields and the River Avon to Bradford Road in Bathford.  A copy of the legal order recording the footpath can be viewed here.


31/05/2018 - Batheaston Riverpath

Public footpath BA2/5, which follows the northern bank of the River Avon in Batheaston, has been reopened following works undertaken on behalf of the PROW Team.  It became necessary to temporarily close the popular footpath in March as a result of river erosion undermining the riverbank.  Before and after photos can be seen here.


16/05/2018 - Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The Council are currently consulting on a new Rights of Way Improvement plan which will be in effect until 2026. A copy of the draft ROWIP and details about the consultation can be viewed here.


28/03/2018 - NICE guidance on physical activity and the environment

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have published their guideline on physical activity and the environment.  The guidelines themselves can be found here, the supoprting evidence can be found here and further information for the public can be found here.


23/03/2018 - Stamping Around

Families are being encouraged to get outdoors and explore local parks and open spaces as part of a series of new free trails called Stamp Around.  Stamp Around is being launched in Keynsham Memorial Park on Wednesday 28 March from 2-4pm and further details can be found here.


25/01/2018 - A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment

DEFRA have recently published their long-term policy document entitled ‘A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment’.  The document is intended to set out their comprehensive and long-term approach to protecting and enhancing England’s natural landscapes and habitats for the next generation.  Chapter 3, which addresses the need to connect people with the environment to improve health and wellbeing, has particular relevance for public rights of way.  The document is available in full here.


15/01/2018 - South Keynsham

The Authority has decided to make a public path order to create a new public bridleway near Castle Primary School in Keynsham; the order will be made and advertised shortly.  This is part of a number of ongoing improvements in the area which include a separate legal order to create a public footpath between St Clements Road and Park Road, the diversion of a footpath through Abbott's Wood and the surfacing of a number of public footpaths.


04/01/2018 - Regulatory (Access) Committee

The Authority's Regulatory (Access) Commitee will hold a meeting to determine the application to create a public bridleway near Castle Primary School in Keynsham.  The meeting is open to the public and will take place at 11.30am on Monday 15th January 2018 at the Council Chamber, Guildhall, High Street, Bath.  Members of the public who wish to address the Committee should request to do so no later than two clear working days before the meeting by emailing


28/07/2017 - Bath Walking Festival

The first Bathscape Walking Festival will take place between 16th and 24th September 2017.  Whether you want to walk longer distances enjoying stunning views across the city, explore the nature in your local area or just meet people and get some fresh air, there’s a walk for you.  The walks are free and have a leader, so if you’d like to start walking or would like to discover something new and don’t know where to start, they will be your guide.  To find out more visit the Bathscape Walking Festival website on


03/03/2017 - Keynsham Walking Festival

The second Keynsham Walking Festival will take place on 8-9th April 2017.  The festival is run by  'Keynsham Walkers Are Welcome', who have been very successful in encouraging members of the public to get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside around the town.  The festival will include a range of walks ranging from 1.5 mile beginner's taster walks up to 6 mile walks for the more experienced walkers.  There will also be guided nature walks along the River Avon and a guided history walk taking in Londonderry Wharf and Cleeve Wood. Full details about the festival are available on the festival programme and poster.


13/02/2017 - Sham Castle Field DMMO

Following an investigation and a six-week public consultation, the Authority has rejected an application to record a public footpath through Sham Castle Field in Bathampton near the University of Bath and Bath Golf Club.  The landowner was shown to have taken sufficient steps to stop a new public footpath being created through long use by the public.  A copy of the Decision Report, which includes the applicable law and the reasons for the Council's decision, can be found here. 


08/02/2017 - New Gates

Over the course of the last year, the Public Rights of Way Team have installed 157 gates across the network.  The majority of these new gates have replaced old wooden stiles which were in a poor state of repair.  Installing gates, rather than stiles, helps to improve the accessibility of the network because many walkers, especially those with hip problems, are able to walk relatively long distances but find it difficult to climb over stiles. 


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