Would you like to be involved in the development of access to the outdoors in this area? 

Are you interested in being a voluntary member of the Joint Local Access Forum (the JLAF) which gives independent advice to the councils on access, including on public rights of way and access land both in the countryside and in urban areas?  The JLAF is a statutory body established by Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City and South Gloucestershire Councils to provide advice on improving public access to land in the area for the purpose of open-air recreation and enjoyment.

The Appointing Authorities periodically seek applications for membership of the JLAF from people of all ages who are enthusiastic about the rights of way network and access to the outdoors and we are particularly keen to receive applications from members of the public with a landowning or land management background.  This is an opportunity to contribute views and positive ideas on the potential of the network of paths in the area and on how to make it more accessible and enjoyable for all.  You might be interested in nature conservation, heritage, tourism, local business, recreation and sport, access for disabled users, health, education, transport or you might be interested in how to attract new users to the network of paths in this area.  As well as providing advice, there is the opportunity to get involved with other JLAF members in projects.

In appointing new members, the Appointing Authorities will seek to ensure that a balance of all relevant interests exists in the whole membership of the JLAF and we are therefore particularly keen to receive applications from landowners and land managers to maintain this balance.  The JLAF should be representative of the users of rights of away and access, the owners and occupiers of land and any other relevant interests.

How to apply

The Appointing Authroties will next be seeking application to join the JLAF in April 2021.


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