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At the core of the Public Rights of Way Team’s work are two documents called the Definitive Map and the Definitive Statement (collectively known as the DM&S). The DM&S provides conclusive legal proof of the existence of a public right of way. The Authority is responsible for keeping the DM&S up-to-date and correcting any errors or omissions by means of Definitive Map Modification Orders.  


Online Mapping

The Definitive Map and Statement are available for inspection by appointment at the Council's Civic Centre offices in Keynsham.  Online mapping is available by following the above link but it should be noted that this online mapping is not a legal record of rights of way.


Definitive Map and Statement

The Definitive Map and Statement is the legal record of public rights of way in Bath and North East Somerset.


Modifying the Definitive Map and Statement

Any member of the public can make an application to have the Definitive Map and Statement modified if they can present evidence to show that a modification is necessary.


Current cases

Information about current Definitive Map Modification Order cases


Bath Definitive Map Project

Information on the project to record the public rights of way in the City of Bath and an update on the current progress with the project.


Landowner Deposits

Information on how landowners can deposit documents with the Authority to protect their land against new public rights of way being accrued. 


Statutory Registers

The Council maintains an online register of DMMO Applications and an online register of Landowner Deposits.

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