Every skip that is placed on the highway must have a licence which is issued by the local Authority. If a skip is placed on private land it will not require a licence from the Council.

Only owners of a skip can apply for a licence so in most cases the licence is obtained by the skip hire company.  A licence covers a 28 day period.

If you would like to apply for a skip licence please complete and return the skip licence application form. This is available as a Word document or PDF.

If you are a member of the public looking to hire a skip you will need to contact a skip hire company. Whilst the skip hire company is responsible for obtaining the correct licence you should ensure that this has been done and that the licence covers the period of time you have hired the skip for.


The process

The process for placing a skip on the public highway is as follows:

  1. Complete and return a skip licence application form to network_licences@bathnes.gov.uk
  2. Include a current copy of your public liability insurance cover, which must be for a minimum of £5 million
  3. The administration fee for a new 28 day licence is £66, a renewal licence is £55 and a licence applied for retrospectively costs £113. (From 1 April 2020 these fees will be £68, £56 and £115 respectively).
  4. You must include telephone contact details. You will be contacted by phone in order that payment can be taken by credit or debit card.
  5. On receipt of the completed application and the required payment a Highways Inspector will check the proposed location for the skip
  6. The licence is subsequently returned to the applicant, "permission granted" or "not granted" as appropriate
  7. The skip must not be placed (dropped) prior to the agreed placement date. If an on-street parking bay is being used, a suspension will need to be arranged separately with Parking Services by the applicant on 01225 477133/ parking_services@bathnes.gov.uk 
  8. No skip can be placed on the public highway without written permission from this Council

This process can take up to 10 working days so early application is advisable

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