Overhanging Vegetation

Hedges and trees that grow on the boundary of the highway or on adjacent land but overhang the highway are generally the responsibility of the adjoining property or land owner. Bath & North East Somerset Council will intervene if there is a safety concern associated with the encroaching vegetation, for example, if it is forcing footway users into the road in order to pass by. This includes vegetation that causes an obstruction on adopted footways and highways or vegetation that reduces visibility on junctions, entrances and corners.

In the event that the landowner does not remove obstructions due to overhanging trees or protruding hedges/plants after enforcement, the Authority may remedy the problem and recharge the landowner.

To report an overhanging vegetation obstruction on the footway please use the online report it form, or contact Council Connect on 01225 394041 or email Council_Connect@Bathnes.gov.uk.

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