To tackle the climate and ecological emergency and improve health across the area the Council is increasing its efforts to introduce traffic management measures which encourage greater walking and cycling for some journeys, particularly the commute to work. 

The impact of the Covid19 social distancing restrictions, as well as the increased vulnerability to the virus shown by poor lifestyle factors, has further emphasised the benefits that can be gained from increased walking and cycling.

It is recognised that reduced vehicle speeds can be an influential factor in encouraging people to walk and cycle more often and can give them greater confidence to do so. To support these journeys, the Council is proposing the introduction of additional 20mph limits - the first time the council has introduced these limits on busier roads outside of Bath city centre. 

Under the proposals, the existing 30mph speed limit along London Road would be reduced to 20mph and extend along the Paragon, Cleveland Place, Bathwick Street, Sydney Place, Darlington Street, Beckford Road, North Road, Bathwick Hill, Widcombe Hill, Copseland, Prior Park Road and Ralph Allen Drive, Bath. 

It is also proposed that the speed limits on the roads from the city centre towards the University of Bath are reduced from 30mph to 20mph to help encourage more people to walk, cycle or scooter. The council has made a bid to the Department for Transport’s Emergency Active Travel Fund for measures that will improve the infrastructure for cycling and scooters in this area, which would be complemented and supported by a 20mph limit.

Residents can view the proposed Traffic Regulation Orders on this page. Comments can be submitted to quoting the appropriate TRO reference 20-005. This consultation will run from the 15 October 2020 for a period of 21 days. All comments received will be collected and presented within a report for consideration before a decision is made on introducing the proposed changes.

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