Street cleansing service update

We’ve stopped using chemical weedkillers for our regular maintenance of street plants and street weeds. Find out more about our new, greener approach, and how you can get involved.


You are welcome to use parks and green spaces but please remember to continue looking after each other as Covid hasn’t gone away. We strongly recommend you wash or sanitise your hands before and after touching park equipment and avoid spending too long in close proximity to others.

For updates from Bath & North East Somerset Council during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, please go to our website:

Let's Get Buzzing

We are constantly trying to identify suitable green spaces to help improve areas for wildlife and native plants.  This is in line with the Council's climate and ecological emergency aims. Can you help us? Please take a look at our Let's Get Buzzing page for more information.

There is also a Plantlife road verge campaign where you can find more information about the benefits of a nature focussed maintenance regime for verges and how you can help spread the word and support the approach.

Grounds Maintenance

Bath and North East Somerset Council (the Council) is responsible for grounds maintenance of council-managed car parks and park & ride car parks, highway verges, parks and open spaces , sports and leisure and play area inspections and maintenance, on land that is owned by the Council both in urban and rural areas. The Council also provide a design and maintenance service to external organisations.

In order to make significant financial savings to help the Council to be able to continue to deliver its other front line services, the way that we will be cutting the grass is changing. Read more information about these changes.

Grass cutting

We are maintaining our essential services as much as we can during the coronavirus outbreak.  This means our grass cutting teams will be resuming a targeted grass mowing round.  It will allow the continued sensible use of recreational areas.

We will maintain these public areas as well as we can, for as long as we are able to guarantee the safety of our staff.  Our teams will be following the guidance on social distancing.

Don't forget if you are using open spaces, for allowable daily exercise, you must follow the two-metre social distancing rule at all times.


Between April and November we cut grass on a rolling schedule on land owned by the Council. The frequency of our grass-cutting is influenced by the weather conditions. 

There is increasing evidence that our pollinating insects are under threat and we all have a responsibility to help them. Where possible the Parks team has created wild meadow areas - re-introducing native plants as plug plants and seeds. Elsewhere we have reduced the frequency of cutting to encourage nectar-rich plants and provide cover for wildlife. Research suggests that even common plants that we tend to think of as 'weeds' such as dandelion, ragwort and cow parsley can provide a critical food source for pollinating insects and log piles and long grass provide cover and nesting sites for bumblebees. 

To find out the frequency of grass cutting in your area, please see our grass cutting maps. You can also find more information by reading our grass cutting FAQs.

When we cut the grass in non-wild meadow areas, the equipment we use mulches the grass to allow it to naturally decompose in-situ which is better for the environment. We will clear mowings from paths as soon as possible after cutting. In total we maintain approx. 260 hectares of grass.


We are changing the way that we cut council-owned hedges to protect and benefit wildlife, reduce congestion and reduce costs. We aim to cut hedges in late winter (January and February) except where there is an over-riding safety concern (e.g. along roads). In total we cut around 28km of hedges a year. For more information on hedge and shrub cutting, you can read of our FAQs and check which hedges are cut when and how often.


The Tree Managers in the Parks and Bereavement Services Team manage approximately 35,000 trees growing on council owned land within the district.  We also manage over 100 hectares of woodland and implement new tree planting schemes. If you have a query relating to a tree in a council owned park, open space, cemetery, allotment, woodland, car park or on the public highway please contact the tree managers via Council Connect 01225 394041. Responses to frequently asked questions can be found here.   The Council also has a level of responsibility in relation to private trees in falling distance of a public highway. We may be able to advise or take direct action if a tree is causing a hazard to highway users - if you have concerns over such a tree please contact the tree managers as above. The Parks Team are not directly responsible for managing trees on school sites, children’s Centre’s, Curo housing estates (formerly Somer Housing) or Sirona sites. Please contact the relevant site staff as below:-

Schools – contact the school directly, contact details can be found at

Children’s centre’s – contact the children’s Centre directly, contact details can be found at

Curo –  Phone 01225 366563

Tree Services Available

Tree Surgery Works – The council’s Tree Team offer competitive prices for tree inspections and tree surgery work.

Man with rope up a tree felling branches

Our staff are fully qualified and we will do our very best to fit into your preferred timescales plus we can respond to emergencies, such as a fallen tree or branch.

For quotations for tree surgery works and tree inspections please contact Dominic Leach (07977 228222 during normal working hours.

For emergencies please contact Council Connect tel 01225 39 40 41 or outside of normal working hours contact 01225 477 477 to report the issue to the Parks Duty Officer.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Conservation Area Regulations

Please hover and click on the wording for more information relating to: Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area Regulations in relation to trees.

Grounds maintenance of non-Council land

On non-Council owned land, the land owners are responsible for the trees, grass-cutting and grounds maintenance. Other green spaces may be the responsibility of housing associations, private landowners or other bodies.

Non-native Invasive Plant Species

The Council will treat non-native invasive plant species such as; Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Ragwort, Rhododendron ponticum growing on Council-owned land. If you think there are non-native invasive species growing on private land or on your land or property not owned by the Council; we can provide you with identification, treatment and removal, however we will charge you for this service. For more information please contact us at or 01225 394041

How you can help us

You can help us to keep the grounds in good condition by: removing items of clothing, litter and dog mess off the grass so it can be cut. Litter and dog mess can now be disposed of in the same public litter bin.

Friends of Parks

Some local residents in Bath are joining together as a “Friends” group and volunteer their time to make additional improvements to parks. By working closely with the Council in this way many parks are further enhanced for the benefit of all that use them. If you ‘Love where you Live’ and would like to join a “Friends” group, or get one started, please click here.

Roundabout and Flower Bed Sponsorship

Bath and North East Somerset Council has a number of roundabouts and annual and perennial beds available for sponsorship. If you are interested in providing a donation or sponsorship please contact us at or telephone 01225 394041

Hanging Baskets & Window Boxes

Bath and North East Somerset Council invite local businesses, companies, organisations and members of the general public to 'sponsor' or 'puchase' hanging baskets and window boxes. For Floral Displays, handmade, watered and tailored for you please click here or email us at or telephone 01225 394041

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