NOTE : If you have seen a drone and believe it might pose a danger to the public, call the Police on 101.

Flying model aircraft

Lansdown North Playing Field is the official flying site for the Lansdown Model Flying Club. Members are permitted to fly radio controlled aircraft according to British Model Aircraft Flying Association rules, plus guidelines set out by the Club and Bath & North East Somerset Council regarding site safety and to prevent nuisance to neighbours. Please contact the club for further information. 

Flying drones with or without cameras from parks and open spaces

Drone flying is not permitted from Bath & North East Somerset Council’s parks and open spaces, unless you have permission for drone filming from the Bath Film Office. Please see the section on filming below. All drone flying in Bath & North East Somerset has to comply with the UK Drone Safe Code.

In general, drone flying must meet the following criteria from the Drone Safe Code: -

  • Always keep your drone in sight

  • Stay below 120m (400 ft)

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for flying the drone

  • Exclusion zone - keep the right distance from people and property i.e. minimum of 50m (150 ft) and around crowds and built up areas this distance goes up to 150m (500 ft)

  • You are responsible for each flight (failure to comply could result in criminal prosecution)

  • Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields

Someone flying a drone also needs the land owner’s permission. In order to comply with the Drone Safe code exclusion zone, a person flying a drone would either have to have their own marshalls to create the 50m / 150m exclusion zone (depending on location) or to barrier off the flying area to ensure that the drone cannot come with 50 m / 150m of anyone. Since Parks will not allow a member of the public to barrier off any part of any park, drone flying is not allowed in B&NES parks and open spaces.

Filming with a drone

An individual or legal entity such as a production company may submit an application form to film with a SUA (small unmanned aircraft i.e. a drone) to the Bath Film Office.  Guidance notes may be found here.

The conditions for filming include the compliance with the Drone Safe code regarding the exclusion zone as above i.e. the people who film with drones either have their own marshalls to create the 50m/150m exclusion zone or to barrier off the flying area to ensure that the drone cannot come with 50m/150m of anyone. 

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