This page provides information to support volunteer groups who help improve our parks.

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The background to it all is that the Parks Team needs to be  aware of what is being done in the parks and as such must have agreed in advance any action taking place by each group.

The Group

Committee Roles

Annual Pledge

Activities and Insurance

Covid Volunteering Protocol

Covid Volunteering Risk Assessment

Insurance Support

Events and Activites Guidance / Criteria

How to run a Friends group activity in the park

Regular Activities:
For regular activities of the group we ask for an annual Risk Assessment at the start of each year to cover those activities. Here is a template: Risk Assessment Template for Gardening and Blank Risk Assessment Template

We also ask for a schedule of when the expected sessions will be; for example, every second Sunday of the month 10am-12

One-off Activitites:
To log a one-off activity with us please use this document: 
Friends Activity Registration

And to help you with more detailed planning we have created this document: Friends Group Activity Plan Template (we do not need this, it is just to help your planning)

Keeping a Record:

We also ask that you log volunteer hours so we can demonstrate how much time volunteers are giving and try to provide support accordingly.
Here is a template form for you to use: Volunteer Hours Record Form

Other Resources

Sheet

Event Evaluation Form

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