The Fit for Life Strategy sets out the Council’s ambitions for improving health and wellbeing and reducing health inequalities in Bath and North East Somerset through increasing physical activity levels.  It seeks to find ways to make physical activity more central to people’s lives through making explicit links to the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. 

The strategy also considers the contribution sport and physical activity can make to the economy of the area, how they can help to enhance the area and communities through bringing people together and reducing social isolation.  The strategy also seeks to make a contribution to improving the environment and supporting the sustainability agenda.

The strategy received cabinet approval on the 16th of July 2014. 


Active Lifestyles Stakeholder Event - 25 Jan 2017

The ‘Active Lifestyles’ stakeholders event was held on Wednesday, 25 January 2017.  The event was an opportunity to learn about new innovative physical activity projects and to agree priorities for 2017-18.

The event also included an opportunity to hear more about the new Sport England funding streams to be released throughout 2017. 

Dr William Bird from Intelligent Health presented on his award winning project: Beat the Streets

The presentations from the day can be viewed in the Documents section

When agreed the priority list for 2017-18 will be circulated.

The Vision

The overarching vision for ‘Fit for Life’, agreed by all partners and delivery organisations is:

To get more people, more active, more often, in a safe, sustainable environment leading to improved health and wellbeing for all.


By 2017 we want more people to

  • Be Active ... for healthier lifestyles
  • Be Greener ... for a better and sustainable environment
  • Be Outdoors ... to enjoy the natural environment
  • Be Involved ... to make a positive difference
  • Be Together ... to have fun and enjoy being active

The strategy has 4 key themes

Theme 1 - Active Lifestyles

Active Lifestyles is about increasing opportunities for everyday activity, sport, recreation and preventing and treating ill health for all ages and abilities across the locality. We want to develop and support activities that start where people are, are fun and sociable and help to build and strengthen communities.

Theme 2 - Active Travel

Active Travel is about encouraging walking and cycling as a means of getting to school, work and getting around as part of everyday life.

Theme 3 - Active Design

Active Design is about developing planning policy and practice which supports an increase in physical activity and facilitates positive wellbeing for all residents.

Theme 4 - Active Environments (Facilities and outdoor space)

Active Environments is about maintaining and improving the standard and safety of our parks, play and leisure facilities, green spaces and access to the natural environment in order to encourage their use by local residents and visitors.

Priority Groups

Through consultation the strategy has identified the following priority groups for increasing participation in Sport and Active Lifestyles

  • Ethnic Minorities
  • 14-18 year olds (particularly females) – this is the age where levels of activity start to drop
  • Middle aged men
  • Families
  • Those experiencing health inequalities
  • Older People
  • Those who are carrying excess weight,  both children and adults
  • Those with long term health conditions
  • Those with disabilities


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