Bath & North East Somerset hosts a large number of events every year, ranging from small street parties to city-wide festivals.  Tour of Britain pic

The Council has produced an Events Policy which promotes a clear, consistent approach to the way events are regulated.  In conjunction with the Policy, this section of the website aims to provide useful information and guidance to plan an event in the Bath & North East Somerset area. 

Please see the following pages for further information:

  • Community street parties and fêtes – Specifically for small community events for local residents
  • Plan an event – A brief outline of the main considerations you will need to make when planning an event aimed at the wider public
  • Safety Advisory Group for Events (SAGE) - This page introduces the SAGE.  Made up of representatives from various bodies in the Council and its partner agencies, the SAGE will normally only deal with major events and offers advice and guidance to ensure a safe well planned event
  • Event forms & guidance - Containing a number of useful documents and guidance information for planning an event.

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