Festival and event organisers may wish to promote events with a cross-street banner or decorative flags suspended from street lamp columns. 

Please refer to the Guidance document which advises on the process to do this.

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Location in Bath City Centre

Bath & North East Somerset Council has obtained planning permission for certain sites in Bath city centre to be approved to hang banners or flags. In the city centre, only these locations are permitted, and different types of banner or flag are permitted only in the named locations. 

The locations are permitted for only a limited amount of time in the year. The booking process is operated on a first come, first served basis and no exceptions or special arrnangements can be made. 

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How to book sites for banners and flags in Bath city centre

Read the Guidance document and refer to the map of permitted locations. To submit an application for permitted sites, first read the 'banners across the highway' page of the Council website.  Here you will find the conditions for erecting banners and the application form which needs to be completed and returned to with the required information attached.

It is advisable to ensure that you have supplied all the required information at the time of booking, as missing information will delay confirmation of your booking.

Bath BID Company can put up and take down flags for event organisers at a reasonable cost. Please contact Bath BID (01225 430640, to arrange. 

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Feather flag stands

The Council has 18 portable feather flag stands available to loan to event organisers. 

Feather flag stands of this type can be used outdoors on privately-owned land, or indoors. If used on public land or highway, planning permission with advertising consent is required. 

You will need to commission your own flags to the correct size and design, and have them made up. We can loan a template flag to assist you in obtaining an accurate quote from your supplier. 

The kit comprises two light-weight carry-cases: 
Case 1 (round case):
Base unit to be filled with water
Spanner and other tools
Fixing unit to attach pole to base
Case 2 (long case):
Pole set (aluminium & fibreglass) in four sections
Spike unit (if used as alternative base)

The two cases can be easily carried by one person, but two people are needed to erect a flag. The overall height of each feather flag stand when up is 298cm and width 68cm (widest point). 

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How to book feather flag stands

There is no hire fee, but a deposit of £50 (cheque or cash only) will be taken when you collect and will be returned to you at the end of the hire period. 

The deposit covers both the template flag and the stands. 

£50 will be charged in the event of loss, damage or breakages.
Contact the Bath Bid team at with the dates you want and how many stands.

They will contact you to confirm your booking, arrange to take your deposit, and to agree collect and return dates. It is essential that you pre-book a collection and return time. 

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