Welcome to the  Active Lifestyles Team's web page.

Our overarching vision for Bath and North East Somerset is: 

To get more people, more active, more often, leading to improved health and wellbeing and the creation of stronger, safer communities for all. 

Fit for Life is our active leisure strategy which shapes how we will achieve our vision.

Being active is important for our health and wellbeing. Moving more helps our mind and body and can prevent a range of diseases including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

There are many ways to move more and be active. You can do it on your own, as a family or with friends. Make it fun!

You can be active anywhere! The beauty of moving more is that it can happen wherever you like - walking more, getting on your bike, pushing the buggy, dancing to your favourite songs, doing the garden, playing with the family, trying a new sport are all fun ways of getting active. Most of these will cost you nothing, too.

Even if you have a medical condition, being active can have so many benefits.  To explore the benefits activity can have on medical conditions visit www.benefitfromactivity.org.uk.

We should all aim to do some activity which gets us a little puffed out in at least ten minute bouts. Aiming for 30 minutes of this activity each day will provide lots of health benefits. We also need to think about building our strength and balance so activities which involve lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and squatting are great to keep our bodies healthy. 

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For more information about creating a healthy lifestyle visit our One You web page.

For information about our Active Lifestyles projects hit the quick links below:

Bikeability - cycle training

Stamp Around in our Parks

Move More - a digital health intervention

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