We aim to met the customer standards for our organisation and offer the best customer care possible, Passenger Transport seek to ensure that service provision reflects this commitment consistently for all customers.  

Results taken from the Annual Survey carried out in February/March 2017

  • Overall Satisfaction - Currently 91.81% of our customers are satisfied overall with the services we provide (Target 90.00%)

  • Staff Attitude - Currently 87.06% of customers found our staff to be friendly, polite and understood their needs (Target 100%)
  • Professionalism & Treated fairly - Currently 83.56% of customers felt that staff were competent and treated all customers fairly with 10.44% of customers that either don't know or N/A (Target 100%)
  • Information - Currently 60.36% of customers felt that they were given sufficient notice of changes to the service and the information provided was accurate and clear, with 28.29% of customers either don't know or N/A (Target 95.00%)
  • Timeliness - Currently 86.84% of customers agreed that the transport is reliable and usually arrives within 10 minutes of schedule (Target 100%)
  • Delivery - Currently 57.85% of customers agreed that any problems that occur with Transport are dealt with, with 32.06% of customers that either don't know or N/A (Target 95.00%)

To view the councils list of corporate customer care standards:

In addition to:

  • Respond to reported service problems within 24 hours, complaints within 5 working days, and reply to letters within 15 working days (Target 95.00%)
    99.00% of service problems, complaints and service requests were responded to within corporate timescales

  • Programme regular conract compliance checks either on site or remotely (Target 100.00%)
    All compliance checks took place as programmed

    If you have any queries please contact:
    Passenger Transport (A division of Environmental Services)
    Mon - Thurs  8am - 5pm
    Fri - 8am - 4.30pm
    Tel:  01225 394371   Email: passenger_transport@bathnes.gov.uk




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