At Bath and North East Somerset Council we are committed to working with communities to ensure that services are suitable and that the right decisions are made so that services are accessible and easy to reach.

Transport Services has a responsibility for ensuring that children who are entitled to home to school transport get to school safely, comfortably and on-time.   We achieve this through utilising our internal fleet of accessible vehicles and minibuses and our framework of 58 contractors.  With nearly 2,500 children receiving transport to school every day on over 270 different routes, It is vital to us to receive feedback from the users of the service to help us identify what we are doing right, so that we keep on doing it. Additionally, where you think the council could improve its service we need to know so that we can identify improvements.

The HTST customer survey 2018 has now closed and results will be published shortly, your views are really appreciated. Thank you.

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