Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What type of transport will be provided?

We will write to you in advance, advising you of the arrangements we have put in place.  Your child may be allocated a taxi, minibus, coach or public bus service bus, depending on various factors such as available capacity on existing services.

What standards are expected of home to school transport contractors and drivers?

Only companies who have qualified on our framework of approved suppliers are allowed to bid for home to school transport contracts.  To qualify they must be able to show that they meet standards regarding health and safety, financial security, vehicle safety, insurance and driver regulations.  A driver's guide is also issued regarding standards of driver behaviour and customer awareness.  For more details please go to our contractors page.

If the transport is late or does not arrive, what should I do?

Though we make every effort to minimise it, you may occasionally experience unexpected delays or problems.  Please wait for 10 minutes after the scheduled pick up time.  If the transport has still not arrived, please contact the Passenger Transport Team:

Additionally, you may wish to check on Facebook logo Bath & North East Somerset Council Transport

Please also call the Transport team if there is persistent lateness of transport.

Lost property - what if my child leaves something behind on school transport?

Contact us and we will give you the name and telephone number of the vehicle operator so that you can contact them directly and make arrangements to collect the property.

Who should I contact if I have any concerns regarding my child's transport?

Please contact the Passenger Transport Team if you are worried or concerned about any aspect of your child's journey, including the behaviour of the other passengers or the safety or reliability of the vehicle.  The sooner we are made aware of a problem, the quicker we can act to rectify it.

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What happens in the event of a road closure?

We generally receive advance warning of scheduled road closures. Where school transport is affected, we may need to organise alternative pick-up/drop-off points with the operator. We would then arrange for parents/carers to be notified of the temporary travel arrangements.
In the event of an emergency, roads may be closed without notice possibly causing delays to school transport, where possible we will publish emergency closures on Facebook logo - Bath & North East Someerset Council Transport.  Please contact the Passenger Transport Team if you are concerned at any time about the late arrival of your child(ren).


What about adverse weather conditions?

Please listen to your local radio station to see if your child's school is closed.  Details are also usually available on the schools web site.  If you are still unsure if the service is running, please contact the Passenger Transport Team.  In bad weather, it may be necessary for the transport operator to cancel the morning school journey at short notice if they not believe that they can reach the school safely.

Updates regarding delays and cancellations to contracted home to school transport will be reported on Facebook logo Bath & North East Somerset Council Transport or please contact Passenger Transport.

If you have a query regarding public transport routes, please contact the operator.

If my child is being bullied on transport, what should I do?

Schools have responsibilty for the behaviour of their children on the way to and from school, including while travelling on home to school transport.  Please report the incident(s) to the school in the first instance and then contact Passenger Transport.


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Can friends or parents travel on school transport?

If there is room on the vehicle, then friends will normally be permitted to travel on an occasional basis.  Please contact the Passenger Transport Team in advance with details of your request.

Parents are not allowed to travel on school transport unless there were special circumstances and agreement has been given by the Passenger Transport Team.

Are changes ever made to school transport?

To ensure transport routes remain efficient and cost effective, it is necessary to carry out periodic reviews.  As a result, changes may occasionally be made to your child’s transport, but we will always try to give you advance notice.

How do I get a replacement bus pass if my child has lost or damaged his/her pass?

For closed contract routes (NOT public transport run by First, Faresaver, Wessex etc), temporary bus passes are available at the reception at your school.  These are valid for up to two weeks to give you time to arrange for a replacement pass.  Remember - transport may be refused if you cannot produce a valid bus pass!
There will be an £10.00 administration charge to cover the cost of issuing duplicate passes, please forward a cheque together with your child's name & address, and the name of their school to the following address,

Passenger Transport
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Lewis House, Manvers Street

Alternatively, this can be requested and paid for by contacting Passenger Transport.


What do I do if the details are wrong on the bus pass?

Please contact the Passenger Transport Team, and we will endeavour to arrange a replacement without delay.

My child no longer needs a bus pass, what do I need to do?

Please notify the Passenger Transport Team in the first instance,

In some cases, an unexpired pass will need to be returned to the Passenger Transport Team.

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We are moving house, will my child still be entitled to free school transport?

The eligibility will need to be re-assessed from your new address.  Please contact the Admissions and Transport Unit on (01225) 394312 with your new details.

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