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The Bath and North East Somerset Music Service operates five Music Centres which meet on a weekly basis during term-time.

The Centres provide rehearsal and performance opportunities in Bands, Orchestras, Ensembles and Choirs for Primary and Secondary school children throughout the authority. Their aim is to encourage the love of music through taking part, and all that is asked of members is to demonstrate a minimum standard of ability. Tuition is given by qualified music teachers who are used to working with young people. Repertoire is structured and selected to ensure that a high standard of enthusiastic and committed music making is achieved at all levels of ability. Sectional and full rehearsal schedules are a feature, and time is also found for the membership to meet socially. 

The minimum standard for Senior Ensembles is Grade 5 and for all other groups from Grade 1 onwards.  However, students do not have to have achieved these grades in order to be considered for membership.  If you are unsure, ask your teacher or call the Music Service for further information.

Membership of a Music Centre must be a commitment, and members will be expected to attend the full programme of rehearsals and concerts. Rehearsal and concert dates for each Music Centre will be given on receipt of the application form.



The cost for Music Centre membership is:        

  • The annual cost for membership of one music centre, i.e. Mendip, Keynsham, BSYM, Cantilena or SPO is: £189 invoiced in 3 instalments of £63. 
  • The annual cost for a Multiple Membership, i.e. membership of more than one Music Service ensemble and/or music centre is: £240 invoiced in 3 instalments of £80.
  • The annual membership of Music Time and Music Club at BSYM on Saturdays is: £90 invoiced in 3 instalments of £30.

The annual membership of Guitar club and Choir at Mendip Music Centre on Thursday is: £90 invoiced in 3 instalments of £30.

This could mean as little as £1.70 per hour to belong to 2 senior ensembles!!!

Families with three or more children attending any music centres or ensembles will only be charged for the two eldest.

There is normally NO charge for children registered for free school meals.


Please visit for more information!

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