What is cyber-bullying?

 “The use of Information and Communications Technology(ICT), particularly mobile phones and the internet, deliberately to upset someone else”  (South West Grid for Learning).


Cyberbullying - things you can do to keep yourself safe
  • Keep your personal information private - avoid sharing personal information such as your phone number, home address or photographs with people you don't know in person and trust
  • Keep your clothes on when using webcam - images of you could end up in the wrong hands
  • Use private messages for people you know in person and trust; be careful of private messaging with people you don't know
  • Use a strong and unique password for all of your online accounts - a combination of letters, numbers and symbols (and if you've ever shared it in the past, change it)
  • Know how to block someone if they make you feel uncomfortable or upset
  • Learn how to save chat logs and texts so that if someone does make you uncomfortable or upset, you have the evidence to report them
  • Remember to log out of a service properly after use, especially on a shared computer

(taken from the Anti-Bullying Alliance website)

The Cybersmile Foundation offers advice and support to anyone being affected by cyberbullying issues.

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