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Getting active

Managing your weight

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

Healthy Start

NHS Health Check

How healthy is your heart

Local Alcohol and Drug services

Sexual health services

Childhood Injury prevention

Workplace Health Checks

Screening and Immunisation Annual Report

Group for Adults Bereaved by Suicide

New resource to help you support young people who self-harm:   HarmLess

Support to stop smoking

You are more likely to successfully quit smoking if you get support. There are trained stop smoking advisors in every GP surgery in Bath and North East Somerset and the majority of pharmacies also offer support. Drop in sessions in various community venues are also available.

Other support and information available:

Getting active

Being physically active can help you to live a longer, healthier life. In Bath and North East Somerset only 1 in 5 people exercise for the recommended time each week.

There is a range of free or low cost schemes to help you get active locally. Check out our Passport to Health programme for details of support available through your GP.

Find out more information on cycling whether you want to know about training, routes, bike loan or cycle to work schemes.

Managing your weight

Is your weight affecting your lifestyle and your health?

There are a range of free local programmes for adults either face to face, via an app or online to support you to achieve your goals.

From Man v Fat Football sessions, Slimming World groups, online support from a health coach, leisure centre-based food and physical activity sessions, App based support or online challenges, there’s something for everyone.

To talk to our wellbeing advisors about a programme to suit your needs call our wellbeing service on 0300 247 0050 (Freephone) or talk to your GP/nurse who will advise on the best programme for you and make a referral.

Are you concerned about your child’s weight? Would you like to improve your cooking skills?

For information on our locally provided free programmes for children, and food and health courses for families please visit: 

Call free on 0300 247 0050 to talk to a wellbeing advisor now



For information on the NHS free weight loss plan, BMI calculator, Easy Meals App and other weight loss support please visit

Being the right weight for you height will help you stay healthy. Although many people put on weight as they get older, this can be avoided by building more activity into your daily routine and by eating a healthy diet. 

Speak to your GP or local health professional for more information.

Other useful websites:

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

Every council area in England takes part in the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) and this involves measuring the height and weight of reception and year 6 children. Helping children to achieve a healthy weight is both a national and local priority and the NCMP programme helps us, the NHS and other organisations to plan what support might be needed and what kind of services to put in place.

We know your child’s health and wellbeing is very important to you which is why once the measurements have been completed we will send you your child’s measurements. You can use this information to check if your child is growing as expected for their age. This information is important as it supports the decisions you are already making about your child’s lifestyle.

Locally over one in five children in Reception are overweight or obese, rising to one in three in Year Six. Because the number of children being overweight has gradually increased, we have slowly become used to it. It can be difficult to tell if your child is overweight as they may look similar to other children of their age. By recording their measurements, we can get an accurate measure.

Research shows that if your child is overweight now, they are more likely to be overweight as an adult, which can lead to health problems in later life. This measurement is an important way of checking how your child is growing.

Should I share these results with my child?

The results are sent to you, so the decision whether to talk to your child about them is entirely yours. Some parents or carers like to discuss the results with their child and then decide together whether to make any changes to the family’s diet or activity levels. Others decide to make subtle changes without telling them. There is no right or wrong answer and the decision depends on your individual circumstances. Advice to parents and carers on how to talk to their child about their weight, if you feel this would be useful is available from the charity Weight Concern

What happens on the day?

The measurements are supervised by trained staff from the School Nurse Service. Children are fully dressed except for their coats and shoes and the measurements are done sensitively in private.  The individual measurements will never be shared with teachers, other children or your child - unless you choose to do so.

Does my child have to do this?

No they do not. Some parents may choose to opt out of the NCMP programme and you will be offered the chance to do this when you receive the NCMP letter through your child’s school. We do recommend that your child takes part so you can check if your child is growing as expected for their age.

Advice for parents and carers

We know that weight is not the only thing that affects a child’s health and that as parents, you have more information to go on than weight alone in judging what is best for your child.  However, the results are designed to help you in understanding if your child’s height and weight are growing as expected

  • Children’s weight can be checked using the NHS calculator

  • NHS advice on diet and physical activity for healthy growth in children is available on their website

  • Families can register for free with Change4Life and get lots of practical information about healthy recipes, things to do to keep active and much more.

  • The results may be reassuring but they may also surprise or worry you. If you would like to talk to a Health Professional about your child’s results have a chat with your school nurse or make an appointment to see your GP.

Healthy Start

Could you be eligible for financial support to eat well?

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be entitled to get help to buy healthier food and milk.

If you’re eligible, you’ll be sent a Healthy Start card with money on it that you can use in some UK shops.

You can use your card to buy:

  • plain liquid cow’s milk
  • fresh, frozen, and tinned fruit and vegetables
  • fresh, dried, and tinned pulses
  • infant formula milk based on cow’s milk

 You can also use your card to collect:

  • Healthy Start vitamins – these support you during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • vitamin drops for babies and young children – these are suitable from birth to 4 years old

For more information and to apply, view:

NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check programme is delivered through all GP Surgeries in Bath and North East Somerset.

Everyone aged 40 – 74, who has not been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease, will be invited for a NHS Health Check once every five years.

The free Check is to assess a person’s risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and stroke.

It takes about 20 – 30 minutes and includes simple tests to check cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI. You will receive the results of these tests at the Check and be told what they mean for you. Some people may have to have an additional blood test depending on their results.

You will be given personalised advice on how to lower your risk and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Treatment or medication may be prescribed to help you maintain your health.

Even if you’re feeling well, it’s worth having your NHS Health Check now so you can lower your chances of developing these health problems in the future.

If you receive a letter from your GP inviting you for a Check please do take up the offer.

For further information about the NHS Health Check talk to your GP or visit:

 For free tools and support to kickstart your health

How healthy is your heart?

 Use this tool to find out if your heart age is higher or lower than your actual age:

Local Alcohol and Drug services

Regularly drinking above recommended levels increases your risk of developing serious health problems such as liver damage, cancer and heart disease. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people in Bath and North East Somerset are drinking at levels which risk harming their health.

For more information or if you’re concerned about your own or someone else’s drinking talk to your GP in the first instance or contact Bath and North East Somerset’s drug and alcohol service DHI on 01225 329 411. 

Other sources of advice and information on cutting down:

Drinkline is a national helpline available by calling 0800 917 8282. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are free from a landline

Sexual Health Services

Sexual Health Services

The Riverside Clinic, James Street West, Bath

Phone: 01225 826855


The Sexual Health and HIV team and the Contraceptive and Sexual Health (CaSH) team are now situated together as one team at The Riverside Clinic in central Bath which is open six days a week. They also provide a satellite service at Keynsham Health Centre, open on Wednesday evenings.

They offer free, friendly, non-judgemental and confidential testing, treatment and advice for sexually transmitted infections, as well as a wide range of contraceptive options including emergency contraception, contraceptive pills, implants and injections, intrauterine devices/systems (also known as coils), and condoms.

Opening Hours

All clinics are open to anyone, of any age, and there are both walk in and booked appointments available:

The Riverside Clinic

Walk-in clinics
  • Monday, 1.30 - 3.30pm

  • Wednesday, 8.15 - 11.00am

  • Friday, 8.15 - 11.00am

Booked Appointments

Appointments are available Monday-Saturday. To book please speak with our receptionists on 01225 826855A Saturday morning clinic at Riverside is available via booked appointments only. 

Please click  here for the  Riverside Clinic - opening times for Christmas & New Year 2018/19 

Sexual Health Advice

Health advisers are available Monday-Friday to give information and advice. Please contact 01225 826855.

Keynsham Clinic

A Wednesday evening clinic at Keynsham is available via booked appointments only from 6.00 - 8.30pm

Keynsham Health Centre St Clement's Road BS31 1AF

Phone: 01179 461059 (clinic opening times ONLY) Appointments: 01225 826855 (office hours)

For details of more sexual health services including those offered by general practices and community pharmacies in Bath and North East Somerset click here:

For further information on contraception including the range and type of methods available click here:

For further information on sexually transmitted infections click here: 

Childhood Injury prevention

Injuries are a leading cause of death and disability to children in the UK. Many of these injuries can be prevented. In B&NES advice and support is available through road safety, public protection, Avon Fire Service, children’s centres and health visitors on the risks to children and how to prevent them.

The Council’s Home Safety Equipment scheme helps families to keep their children safe through the provision and fitting of free safety gates, fireguards and smoke alarms. Families access this scheme through their Health Visitor.

For more information on injury prevention activities in Bath and North East Somerset visit the Avonsafe website.

Workplace Health Checks

NHS Health Checks can also be delivered in workplaces and community venues in B&NES by prior arrangement with our Outreach Service, provided by HCRG Care Group. If you are an employer or community group leader contact our Wellness Service on or call 0300 247 0050 for more information about this option.

Find out more about your health by taking the free One You quiz

Employers - get started on your workplace health programme with the new Workplace Health Needs Assessment Tool

For more information and local support contact B&NES Public Health team tel: 01225 394068 or email:       

Bath & North East Somerset group to support adults who have been bereaved by suicide

Public Health and Bath District Cruse Bereavement have joined forces to set up a support group for adults bereaved by suicide that will meet every third Wednesday of the month at the Open House Centre, Manvers Street Baptist Church in Bath starting 21st September 2017, 18.30 – 20.00.  The group is run by trained volunteers who have themselves been bereaved or affected by suicide.  Please promote the group through your networks.    Please click here to download a poster with information regarding the meeting times.

New resource to help you support young people who self-harm:  HarmLess 

Developed by Oxford Health, HarmLess is a new web based resource for those who have contact with young people who are self-harming. In Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) it has been agreed by the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) that the information contained on this website replaces previous guidance to staff working with children and young people who self-harm.    

Anyone currently using the document Multi Agency Guidelines for Professionals Working with Children and Young People who Self-harm should note that this is now out of date and will shortly be removed from circulation. 

HarmLess offers users a range of resources including:-

  • Up to date information about both thoughts and acts of self-harm, and risks and triggers for young people

  • Guidance on how to react and talk to young people who are self-harming using the acronym SLEEP  (Stop, Listen, Empathise, Explore, Plan)

  • An online assessment tool to work through with a young person. This generates a safety plan

  • Links to others useful resources and web sites

  • Links to B&NES Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Anyone working with children and young people are invited to an autumn HarmLess launch event (see flyer)

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