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Sleeping well helps us to be happy and healthy.  Most adults need between six and nine hours of sleep each night.  There are lots of helpful tips for a good night’s sleep on the NHS webpage, including being active during the day, avoiding caffeine after 5pm and regular bedtimes.

A healthy lifestyle really helps us to sleep better.  See the other sections of our website for information about local services to help you be more active, manage your weight, stop smoking, drink less or feel less stressed.


For Local Support and Advice

The local talking therapies service provides free support if you are having trouble sleeping because you are stressed or feeling down.

The Wellbeing College offers “health coaching” to people with a long-term health condition.  This can include help with sleep.

You can speak to your GP practice if you feel tired for no reason or your health or medication is making it harder to sleep.  Pharmacists can help with questions about medicines and sleep too.

Further information:

Advice for shift workers:

General sleep advice:


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