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We are inviting you to take part in the B&NES 'Get Moving, Get Involved' 2021 summer activity challenge!

The challenge is open to everyone, including work teams and groups of friends and family. Sign up to the challenge to be more active this summer, hitting the official adult recommendation of 150 active minutes a week that have been broken up in to more manageable chunks of 26 minutes a day.

We are working with an initiative called buddyboost so that you can enjoy the challenge as part of a team. Get thinking who you would like in your buddy group!  It's a lot of fun supporting and encouraging each other to get your daily minutes done.

Your activity can be recorded via the free buddyboost App, in 26-minute chucks, so it's an easy and fun way to keep a record. You'll also find in the documents section of this page, a printable activity diary for children and young people so that they can keep track of their additional active minutes. That's because although adults only need to do around 26 minutes of exercise a day, the guidelines for children (5-18) recommend 60 active minutes and early years (1-5) 180 active minutes.

We have also been really lucky to work with students from Ubley Primary School, who worked incredibly hard to come up with the name for this challenge and helped design the logo. The children were really creative and wanted other young people to have fun this summer.

So get out there and enjoy being active. You can do any activity you want, you don't need any specialised equipment or clothing, and it really doesn't matter how far or how fast you go - just that you have fun, do your daily minutes and support your buddies to do theirs.

Enjoy the challenge and please do keep us updated on your progress by posting some photos in the B&NES Community Feed, in the buddyboost app of you enjoying your activities over the summer holidays.

How do I sign up?

Please follow our simple step by step guide.

There is also a flyer that explains the challenge in more detail.

buddy boost flyer

Please share your stories, activities and any top tips within the B&NES community page of the buddyboost app and let us know how you are getting on. Please do spread the word as well and encourage lots of people you know to take part!

Good Luck!

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