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To keep health risks from alcohol low, the UK Chief Medical Officers recommend that both men and women are safest not to regularly drink more than 14 units per week. 14 units are roughly six pints of lager, or one and a half bottles of wine.

It can often be difficult to keep track of how much you’re drinking over the course of an evening or a week, and drinks are not always clearly labelled in units.

It is best to spread alcohol drinking over three days or more during the week and have several alcohol-free days each week.

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all, to keep risks to you and your baby to a minimum.

You can find out what your risk of harm from alcohol is by using our anonymous interactive tool. It asks for your gender and three questions to assess your drinking, and will give you a score and level of risk based on your answers. 

Alcohol is linked to more than 60 medical conditions including liver disease, at least six forms of cancer and depression. It only takes two minutes to find out your risk.

For information on how to get help or support with problems related to drugs or alcohol, please contact DHI, the B&NES Drug and Alcohol service on 01225 329411, or get help with problems related to alcohol

For more information on alcohol, please visit the following trusted sources of information:

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