Bath & North East Somerset Council is supporting Dry January 2019. The campaign, run by the charity Alcohol Change UK  and endorsed by Public Health England, involves participants stopping drinking alcohol for one month to feel healthier, save money and improve their relationship with alcohol long term.

A YouGov poll released earlier this month revealed that one in ten people who drink – an estimated 4.2 million people in the UK – are planning to take part.

Dr Bruce Laurence, Director of Public Health B&NES, said:  “Liver disease is on the rise in England, especially in women, when it is falling in most other European countries. Liver disease creeps up silently, giving few warnings until irreversible and potentially fatal damage occurs.  If you are someone who socialises with other people who like a drink or three, and habitually “go large”, it is so easy not to notice when your consumption goes way over recommended limits. I sometimes find myself in this position, especially towards the end of the year. So I value my annual Dry January as a time and a chance to renegotiate my relationship to alcohol, remember that it’s not so hard to say no, and give myself that extra physical and mental boost that comes with sticking to soft.”

According to research carried out by the University of Sussex Dry January helps people to drink more healthily year- round.  Their study of 800 Dry January participants found:

They were still drinking less in August

The number of drinking days per week dropped on average from 4.3 to 3.3

Units consumed per drinking day dropped on average from 8.6 to 7

Frequency of drunkenness fell on average from 3.4 per month to 2.1 per month.             

The study also revealed that people who drank more riskily before taking up the Dry January challenge saw the biggest decrease in the amount and regularity of their drinking – suggesting that Dry January is particularly helpful for heavier drinkers. 

The research also showed that:

93% of participants had a sense of achievement

88% saved money

82% think more deeply about their relationship with drink

80% feel more in control of their drinking

76% learned more about when and why they drink

71% realised they don’t need a drink to enjoy themselves

70% had generally improved health

71% slept better

67% had more energy

58% lost weight

57% had better concentration

54% had better skin.

By signing up for Dry January you’ll increase your chance of getting the most out of the month by receiving regular support emails with tips and tricks from experts and others who are taking part. To sign up visit:

Participants can also download Try Dry: The Dry January App to track their units, money and calories saved.

Anybody affected by alcohol or someone else’s alcohol use in Bath and North East Somerset can seek support from Developing Health and Independence (DHI):

DHI Bath - The Beehive

Telephone: 01225 329411
Address: The Beehive, Beehive Yard, Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BD

DHI Midsomer Norton

Telephone: 01761 419086
Address: The Recovery Hub, High Street, Midsomer Norton, BA3 2DP

DHI Project 28 (for young people)

Telephone: 01225 463344


Address: Project 28, 28 Southgate Street, Bath, BA1 1TP



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