1. Introduction
  2. Consultation on the Commencement Document - November 2016
  3. Consultation on the Issues and Options Document - November 2017 

29th October 2018

1. Introduction

The Council is committed to reviewing its housing requirement, this was agreed within the Core Strategy that was adopted in July 2014.  The Council is doing this by reviewing its Core Strategy through the preparation of a Local Plan for the period 2016-2036.  Please note that the Local Plan 2016-2036 is currently referred to as the Core Strategy Review in the Council’s Local Development Scheme (LDS). 

The review is being undertaken alongside the West of England Joint Spatial Plan which will provide a new strategic planning context for all four West of England areas including Bath & North East Somerset.  It will set the revised housing numbers for Bath & North East Somerset and an affordable housing target up to 2036. In undertaking this review it is proposed to formally combine the Core Strategy (Adopted 2014) and the Placemaking Plan (currently at Examination) into one DPD by preparing the Local Plan 2016-2036.

The Local Plan 2016-2036 will allocate strategic sites at locations identified in the Joint Spatial Plan and other development opportunities will be identified and allocated.  This is also an opportunity to look again at other policy areas contained within both the Core Strategy and the Placemaking Plan such as renewable energy targets and what infrastructure is needed to support additional development.

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2. Consultation on the Commencement Document

The cover of the Core Strategy Review Commencement Document

The  Core Strategy Review Commencement Document was consulted on between 7th November to 5pm on 19th December 2016. 

Schedule of the Comments received is available via this link. The Council has considered the issues raised in the comments in preparing the Local Plan 2016-2036 Options document.   
This Draft Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Scoping Report forms the starting point for a process of sustainability appraisal (SA) which will guide the evolution and assessment of the proposed Local Plan 2016-2036 Development Plan Document (DPD) for Bath and North East Somerset.

3. Consultation on the Issues and Options Document

Local Plan 2016-2036 Issues and Options Consultation Cover

Following on from this the Council published an Issues and Options document in November 2017. The consultation covered for four broad areas:

  1. Vision & Priorities
  2. Where new development should be located
  3. Strategic Development Locations
  4. University growth and student accommodation requirement

The consultation documents, background evidence and comments submitted during the consultation are available via the links below:

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